GOG Christmas Bonanza

by Andrew Bryant on December 18, 2008

GOG.comHaven't mentioned these guys for nearly 2 weeks now...

Good Old Games have started getting really generous in the run up to christmas.

Hit the jump for the skinny...

First up, Beneath a Steel Sky & Lure of the Temptress are now available for free (that's 100% no strings attached free, at no cost too yourselves, with the usual GOG-gy added goodness).  Both games represent Revolution Software's earliest output and whilst they've been available free in their original states through the ScummVM website for a while now, GOG have wrapped them up in a nice XP/Vista compatible blanket for our consumption.

Next up, the critically-acclaimed ancient entertainment software portal has been signing up new developers left, right and centre.  The aforementioned Revolution Software follows recent deals with Oddworld Inhabitants & Adventure Soft to bring the Oddworld & Simon the Sorcerer games (among others) to the service.

At the thin end of the wedge, we have the recent releases - on top of the stuff released by the new publishers, Darkstar One & Port Royale 2 are available for $9.99 a piece.

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