Steam goes Multi-currency – Currency conversion suspect but welcome!

by Andrew Bryant on December 12, 2008

Steam Multi-CurrencyAfter what seems like an eternity of currency conversion, hidden sales tax (WHY?!) and obscure over-pricing, Valve have now adapted the Steam Store to show & charge in the native currency of the account (on the website store anyway).

See the official forum post here to get the long & short of it, then simply click here, login (Steam now seems to support purchases outside of the program) and get buying in real money, rather than that economy-destroying fake money.

RPS have done a little analysis and price comparison, including some obvious failings in the system and surprising bargains.

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  • Reptile
    December 18, 2008 at 19:40

    Now that sucks. Half a year ago I could buy games for USD. At that time 1 USD was worth 5 norwegian kroner. now I have to pay the same amount of euro as I before paid USD, only now one euro is worth 9,6 kr (USD is currently at about 7). Not happening

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