PC Zone Magazine Staff Walk out

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  1. Roman says:

    This indeed sucks, ive been a loyal subcriber for over 100 issues and used to buy the mag before that. The reason i chose this PC mag was because the writers and Editor dont take life too seriously and like to have a bit of a laugh. Now what the heck am i going to do? Move to some crap mag i guess………*sigh*

  2. Phillip Bird says:

    This is very sad..Future would do well to recognise the “assets” it has in its writers and contributors, rather than worrying about optimising profits.
    Interesting..whenever “economic decisions” are involved..it’s people who suffer.
    This magazine is still battling along thankfully..but its distribution seems to be drying up.
    10 years ago, in Australia, I could get this wonderful mag anywhere. Most news agents stocked it.
    But now ? I must go looking at specialist magazine outlets, and try and be lucky when I arrive.
    Progress ??

  3. Stefan says:

    Oh dear. I expect a wait on the next issue coming through the door then…

    This is very sad, I’ve been a reader for a good 12-13 years, but I may have to cancel the subs dependent on what they can put together over the next few months.

    End of an era.

    RIP Zone

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