Sonic & the Black Knight – 2nd Trailer

And he used too be SOOOO cool!I think it’s safe too say there hasn’t been a really decent Sonic the Hedgehog game since the 3 main titles on the Mega Drive/Genesis…  Even the lofted Sonic Adventure games lost their way by introducing free roaming levels and strange western-unfriendly plots that only served to confuse things (he’s Robotnik, not Eggman goddammit!).

Since then, it’s been a sine wave of marginal success and abject failure for the cobalt-blue erinaceinae –  For every positive entry in the series (Sonic RPG), there is a Sonic the Hedgehog.

On the current fad nations favourite platform, a new Sonic continuity was created, dubbed the Storybook series.  The first entry in the series, Sonic & the Secret Rings, was met with some praise, although like most recent Sonic games, it was heavily flawed.  Sonic & the Black Knight is the follow-up, the second trailer of which is after the cut.

[gametrailers 44488]

It’s good too see the idiots who wrote the Sonic: Underground theme tune are still under Sega’s payroll…  Lets just hope the game’s actually good this time eh?

Why oh why won’t someone just work out how to make a good game out of Sonic and the Amazing Machine?

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