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Left 4 Dead Survivor Pack Details & Guide
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Left 4 Dead Survivor Pack Details & Guide

by Andrew BryantFebruary 19, 2009

Left 4 Dead

Those lovable scamps at GameTrailers have the exclusive on the Survivor Pack add-on for Left 4 Dead (skip to the final chapter if you don’t care about the GTAIV DLC).

There’s no footage of the new Survival mode (just lots of Dead Air & Death Toll Versus gameplay), but it turns out it is basically everything we expected – Gears of War 2 Horde mode in L4D clothing.  Teams of players will compete on a worldwide leader board to survive the longest, with Source playing its usual ‘track every stat under the sun’ trick to make sure that my friend Pete will surely reign supreme on ‘most shots that completely missed their targets’ leaderboard.

Bit-Tech also has posted The Complete Guide to Left 4 Dead, which is worth a read as it outlines both tips and hints that even experienced players may have missed, plus a frank revelation about the Witch and her aversion to light.

More news as we get it.  The pack is due in ‘the Spring’, which, according to Valve Time, is 42nd of Julember in the year of our Ant Overlords, 2078.

Thanks to Bit-Tech for the news & guide & Jon Culshaw for the Julember joke.

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