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MIR-12 Speaks – Singularity Viral media
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MIR-12 Speaks – Singularity Viral media

by Andrew BryantFebruary 13, 2009

MIR-12 - Singularity Viral Marketing

Singularity has been a bit of a mystery for a while now.  We all knew Raven Software were working on it, but nobody really knew what it was all about.  Now the marketing machine is revving up to speed and we’re being bombarded left, right and centre.

First up is the MIR-12 viral campaign, drip feeding us titbits about the games setting via supposed conspiracy videos released by the freedom fighters of the 21st century, or ‘bloggers’ as they are commonly known (WordPress is their weapon of choice, it seems).  Find the clips below and follow their Twitter feed here.

Next up is an exclusive 3-page reveal in PCZone issue #205 (hitting subscribers mats around now).  The article shows off actual screens from the game that haven’t been seen before, including several pics of the games main weapon, the Time Manipulation Device.

It’s about time Raven made a game based on a new I.P. and Singularity seems to fit that bill.

[gametrailers 45515]

[gametrailers 45516]

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