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Rapture Anti-discrimination Laws: BioShock 2 all-formats release + details
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Rapture Anti-discrimination Laws: BioShock 2 all-formats release + details

by Andrew BryantMarch 21, 2009

Dress sense not required

Fear not PS3 owners – you won’t be treated like deferred citizens (I hesitate to use the term second class, since you got a bunch of add-ons) this time round, as the return to Rapture will be handled simultaneously on all formats come Q4 2009, although I’m not sure if that’s fiscal or real year. (Source – CVG)

In addition, a chunk of information was thrown in too the wild recently via a GameInformer print exclusive.

Word is…

  • The game is set in Rapture, 10 years after the events of the first game
  • The only confirmed returning character is Tenenbaum (probably because everyone else is dead)
  • You (yes, YOU) will play as the first ever Big Daddy created (drill & all!)
  • Your main nemesis is the Big Sister, a mechanised adult Little Sister, who has been kidnapping surface girls for conversion into further Big Sisters
  • The player can ‘adopt’ Little Sisters, who will harvest Adam from the corpses of your victims.  ‘Harvest’ remains an option for that lovely ‘Black & White’ choice and ‘Rescue’ will play a part later in the game
  • There are upgrade trees for skills, weapons & plasmids

More details as they arrive and the teaser is after the cut if you’ve been living under a rock.

[gametrailers 41898]

It’s worth noting the Sea of Dreams subtitle has been dropped, despite it being quite poignant given Andrew Ryan’s posturing and ideals.

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