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Cyanide: “Games Workshop licenses ripe for plundering”
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Cyanide: “Games Workshop licenses ripe for plundering”

by Andrew BryantApril 29, 2009

One Hundred and EIGHTY!Eurogamer have posted an interview with Cyanide Games (Blood Bowl), discussing the prospect of drilling into the Nottingham based companies rich history of side-stories and alternative universes.

“If Games Workshop continues to trust us, then sure, why not,” Cyanide’s Antoine Villepreux told Eurogamer when asked if the collaboration might continue. “They have got other ‘forgotten’ IPs that we think deserve videogame adaptations.”

Whilst I hesitate to recommend wholesale plundering of licenses for the sake of making a quick buck, Warhammer Quest is ripe for a proper RPG, Necromunda & Gorka Morka would be brilliant as strategy games (the latter featuring user-generated vehicles) and we all, deep down, want a new official Space Hulk game.

Blood Bowl is due in the summer, although it might contain ‘some DRM’.  *sigh*  Why can’t people learn from ACE Team’s example.

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