Lesbomancy Approved – Witcher 2 EE, Xbox 360 version, Due April

I love CDProjekt. Not content with giving us lots of Good Old Games and morally grey games (with pictures of bewbies on cards), they’re also very good at keeping the latter sort of game up-to-date with new content, better graphics and improved gameplay, all for the grand total of 0 pennies/cents/insert denomination here.

The Witcher 2 is next in the queue. New Locations, New Characters, New Animation, New Cutscenes and New Formats (namely, the Xbox 360).

CDProjekt RED have put out a press release with the following details:

New major adventures set in new locations. These consist of an underground system of chambers beneath Loc Muine and a temperate coniferous forest in the Loc Muine mountains, and a secret cave passage. These new adventures will add several hours of story-based gameplay to the game.

New major characters to the Witcher story. One of them is Brigida Papebrock Dame. This noble woman comes from the Temerian family Papebrock and is a 30 year old lady-in-waiting of the Temerian court. The other characters are secret–for now!

All new animations and cut scenes, including a new, three and a half minute pre-rendered cinematic depicting the assassination of King Demavend of Aedirn. BAFTA Award winner and Academy Award nominee Tomasz Baginski brings this key historical event to life, setting the stage for the story told in The Witcher 2.

To celebrate the Enhanced Edition, someone done a pretty movie too:

[youtube id=”WwCXw8m0PHI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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