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SNK Neo-Geo Pocket outed

Industry great to release dedicated handheld in a modern app-led market? That unpossible!

We’ve all seen the half-baked/grey market handhelds carrying numerous old Sega games on market stalls & eBay. Maybe some of us have even bought one of them!

But what we all want is a genuine, old-school gaming giant to come out with an official handheld that has a number of its classics onboard without the download scalping that companies like Nintendo & Sony are charging to get their greats on modern hardware.

Oh look…

SNK (remember them) may be up to just that, says Japan tech blog Famicon Plaza. They’ve apparently got a pocket version of the Neo-Geo on the drawing board, offering proper arcade ports of 20 classic games in a portable shell.

A unit sports 4.3 LCD screen, proper physical buttons and a case design not that far off the current crop of iPhones, so lets hope it flies under Apple’s RADAR-OF-MUCH-LITIGATION.

On board there’s a 2GB chunk of storage, loaded with such greats as King of Monsters, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and (*explodes*) Metal Slug.

Source – TechRadar

By Andrew Bryant

The resident PC elitist fanatic enthusiast, Andrew’s grim outlook on the industry provides CNS with a hefty dollop of its news content. Oh, and he has managed to convince Barry to let him review stuff too!

Hilarity ensues!

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