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In The Stores This Week – 18th January

It’s that usual quiet time of the year where there’s not much coming out. So what better time for me to start a What’s In the Stores This week feature!

This week sees Retro City Rampage finally turning up on PSN in Europe (Still no Counter Strike: Go Though). A new Devil May Cry game and not much else.

So first of all,





dmc boxart

There’s only one game that it can be and that is DmC – Devil May Cry.


Rated 9/10 by us earlier this week. It’s fair to say that Ninja Theory have took Devil May Cry, put their spin on it yet managed to make it similar enough to the series that you know what you’re getting when you pick it up. As we said in the review:

[quote]Ninja Theory have done a brilliant job of taking Devil May Cry, keeping it faithful to the series yet putting their own touch on it and (in my opinion) making a better game for it. It’s still Devil May Cry, but different. Hopefully Ninja Theory will want to take another stab at the DmC universe.[/quote]

It’s Out now on XBOX 360 and PS3 with an RRP of £39.99. PC Version is due next friday.

Also Available This Week

  • Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable PS Vita (£34.99 via PSN)
  • Final Fantasy All The Bravest iOS (£2.49 via App Store)
  • Temple Run 2 iOS (Free via App Store).
  • Retro City Rampage PS3/PSVita (£8.99 Via PSN)



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