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WWE 2K15 (PC) Review
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WWE 2K15 (PC) Review

by May 3, 2015

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Finally....a Wrestling game on PC
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Average Port
Still many bugs present

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Good Wrestling Game, let down by lateness of Port to PC and several bugs still being present. If 2K16 makes it to the PC i'd wager it'll be the definitive version.

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Finally….the WWE has come back to PC.

I’m going to preface this by pointing out that im a huge wrestling fan, brother. You just can’t beat the mix of (admittedly fake) fighting and soap opera-esque storylines that you get.

Luckily being a console gamer as well, i’ve been able to partake in WWE Games for the last 13 years and it’s good to see 2K bring a wrestling game to the PC, however it’s not without it’s problems.

The gameplay is more of a mixture between Arcade style and Sim Style, your wrestlers have stamina which does affect what moves they can do and how easily they can do them. Running out of Stamina can easily leave you high and dry after performing a move, a welcome addition to this years game that adds a bit of strategy (in previous years, the stamina was entirely optional, whereas it’s default now and in my opinion all the better for it).

The game has probably one of the weakest rosters in the last few years (but there’s not much they can do about that, given that it’s just the current WWE Roster). The game does come with all the DLC from the console versions included (Except former WWE Divas Champion Paige, who for some reason currently remains console exclusive) – however the DLC actually  isn’t available in game yet and will be added at some point down the line – a major mistake given that it’s all been available on Console for ages now and the Port is so late. There’s also an interesting asterisk on the Steam Store page that implies that not all of the DLC will be free, but that remains to be seen.

Graphically, it’s the same as the console versions but looks a bit sharper and runs a lot smoother. There’s not a lot of graphical options – you get to choose Anti-Aliasing type, audience density and depth of field and whether the game is full screen or windowed.

Controls wise, it’s playable with a keyboard, but realistically you’re going to want a Gamepad to play it. It also supports local multiplayer as well (a feature that some PC games seem to miss these days).

MyCareer mode is pretty good as it has you start off in the NXT Developmental territory and you’ve to work your way up to the big leagues, it comes up with storylines for your character and works well.

The game however, has it’s fair share of bugs. Some specific to PC and some that have carried over from the consoles that they really could have fixed. PC Wise, it seems to crash when editing a created wrestler in the MyCareer mode, as well as having the ring ropes disappear, the crowd stand with arms stretched out to the side and random explosions happen in the ring during a replay (which, lets face it sounds awesome, but is a bug nonetheless). Bugs carried over from the console version are the usual glitches invloving collision detection and hit detection (and there’s enough funny videos on the internet of those!).

It’s hard to recommend WWE 2K15 on the PC due to the lateness of the port as well as the DLC not being available and the buginess of the port. However it is a solid wrestling title and one would hope that 2K will from now on release these on PC as well as console.

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