Computers N Stuff first started life in 2002 as a forum called “Games World UK”, after becoming mildly popular and wishing to branch out a bit, we decided to turn it into a fully fledged site.

After 6 months or so, the site fell through and nothing was done for nearly 5 months. However, not to be deterred, we very quickly resumed work.

Version 1 of Computers N Stuff was launched in 2003 as a PHP Nuke Site, with versions 2 and 3 staying with that system but sporting different designs. The site very quickly outgrew PHP Nuke and a new CMS was sought.

Version 4 of Computers N Stuff was launched in 2006 using the Custom CMS System, this allowed the site to allocate each game a page and link all articles to it. However, due to time constraints this was proving difficult to keep updated.

In early 2008 the decision was taken to relaunch the site as a blog, in order to keep posting the news and views you all loved, but keeping the backend work to a minimum.

In 2012, Computers N Stuff inherited the Dear Opti forums (which rose from the ashes of the Dear Wandy forums (of PC Zone fame)) and relaunched them as the CNS Forums. Currently, the forums are not integrated to the main site but will be in the future.

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