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The resident PC elitist fanatic enthusiast, Andrew’s grim outlook on the industry provides CNS with a hefty dollop of its news content. Oh, and he has managed to convince Barry to let him review stuff too! Hilarity ensues!

Marines… FROM SPACE! – 40k Space Marine trailer

Relic have released another trailer for their upcoming 40k third-person Astartes-em-up, Space Marine.

It features War, Waagh and War Machines…

F1 2010 released for iOS

In what must be a pretty big “Whuh?” moment for most people’s Twitter feeds, Codemasters have rolled out F1 2010 for iOS devices today. £1.99/equivalent gets you last years tracks, last years cars, last years drivers and (presumably) last years fun..

Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘Live Action’ Trailer

There’s a new Deus Ex ‘Live Action’ trailer out, featuring real live people with real err… unlive robot parts.

Unlike last time, when Sarif Industries set out offering their roboware to enhance our piano-playing, football-throwing lives, this footage is your typical guerilla propaganda footage from ‘Purity First’.

E3 2011 – The Walking Dead – Telltale Tells All

Telltale Games have revealed a small amount of detail surrounding their adaption of the zombie apocalypse graphic-novel-cum-TV-phenomenon. Puzzles and survival horror are abound, with sporadic encounters with series regulars grounding the story in the WD meta-verse. Rather than retell the…

E3 2011 – Hitman? Absolut(ion)ly!

Hitman: Absolution (or Hitman: Subtitle as the meme goes) is coming. With their attention (hopefully) firmly off those silly Kane & Lynch boys, IO Interactive can now return to focus on the one thing they seem to do very well…

E3 2011 – Me*biff*Owww – Batman: Arkham City to feature playable Catwoman

When writing the title for this post, I was torn between ‘Pussy Galore’ and ‘Nine Lives’. I settled on the above because it involves Catwoman punching (and kissing) ugly sweaty clowns. What, do I need a better reason?

E3 2011 – Tomb Raider ‘Debut Trailer’ **UPDATED**

Someone clearly has it in for Lara Croft… Not only is she being constantly harrassed by treasure hunters, mercenaries, evil Incan Gods and a plethora of endangered wildlife (granted, the latter often because she has just brutally gunned down their…

E3 2011 – Prey 2 trailer features parkour & first-person man(?)shooting!

Whilst we were on holiday, Prey 2 was announced. It’s only tenuously connected to the first game and features a stupidly named protagonist. Don’t let that sway you from what looks to be the bastard child of Mac Griffin &…

The Motherload – snags EA Classics

After a fair amount of teasing over the past few months, have announced the big publisher to compliment their already hefty catalogue… Why hello there Electronic Arts!

Ubisoft tone down PC DRM **UPDATED**

Rumours, coupled with some screen shots as dubious proof, are coming from Reddit (via PCGamer) that Ubisoft may have relaxed some of the DRM restrictions on their PC games. A trip into one of 2010’s least desirable moments after the…