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Final Fantasy XV Windows and Pocket Editions announced

At Gamescom Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV was coming to PC and Android/iOS. The…


The Pokémon Go developer Niantic has not only released a brand-new update for their game,…

Don Mattrick named CEO of Zynga

Zynga have confirmed that Don Mattrick is their new CEO effective 8th July. Don takes…

*Insert favourite Deus Ex Meme here* – Deus Ex: The Fall Announced

I’m not sure any of us asked for this, but Square Enix have announced that a new…

In The Stores This Week – 18th January

It’s that usual quiet time of the year where there’s not much coming out. So…

Carmageddon Funsize (iOS)

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Stainless Software have released the original Carmageddon for iOS. Andrew takes a gander and sees if its a cunning stunt or a waste of time.

SNK Neo-Geo Pocket outed

Industry great to release dedicated handheld in a modern app-led market? That unpossible!

Nimblebit calls out Zynga plagiarism

Award-winning plucky David lashes out at huge megalithic scum Goliath.

Portable Squeeeee – R-Type coming to Android

DotEmu follows up their iOS port of IREM’s classic shooter R-Type with a version for the thinking mans phone.


I think some wee came out..!

F1 2010 released for iOS

In what must be a pretty big “Whuh?” moment for most people’s Twitter feeds, Codemasters have rolled out F1 2010 for iOS devices today. £1.99/equivalent gets you last years tracks, last years cars, last years drivers and (presumably) last years fun..