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  2. Monitor flashes when TV is turned on

    Well, Windows has recently updated to Fall Creators update which has kind of fixed this issue, instead of the monitor going black it now refreshes the desktop. Only downside to this is that the Fall Creators update has broken the instant search in Outlook 2007 and support for Office 2007 expired a few months ago so it's probably not going to get fixed.
  3. Yes, although I don't find the art completely unrealistic as "cartoon esque" kind of implies. Overwatch is the perfect game for you because each hero has a set play style. If you want to play a traditional FPS style you have a few choices but prime choice would be Soldier. If you want to swing a massive hammer around and shield you team from enemy fire, you'd pick Reinhardt. If you want to heal people you can go for Mercy, or for a bit of variety pick Lucio who can also speed up the teams movement and have a more direct impact on the fights. If you play competitive mode (the only mode worth playing imo) then you will be matched with players of similar skill level, so you don't need to worry about being a "Veteran" as long as you don't get too disheartened with your rank being Silver or Bronze you'll have a great time. I played TF2 to death back in the day, this is a completely different game. It's more like a DOTA or LoL esque FPS in that you have abilities. Each hero is unique as opposed to each class in TF2. If Overwatch isn't your cup of tea, you might be interested in Battalion 1944. It's a classic FPS think CoD 2 or Medal of Honor Allied Assault and is going early access in Feb. As a MOHAA VET, I'm interested to see how much this lives up to the legacy.
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  5. Yes! I would definitely go for that!
  6. Is overwatch the cartoon esque gfx fps? If so it reminds me of Team Fortress, which whilst being one of Dear Wandys fave games back in the day I never got on with it! I want a games company to come up with a good fps shooter that doesn't have gun upgrades/perk bonuses and isnt a twitch shooter.....maybe a wild west/muskets type thing where accuracy of guns is a bit off to give us veteran gamers a bit more of a chance....or a few servers on these modern games where yoy can only gain access if your win rate/kill to death rate is poor to allow us to get to know guns/maps without the soul sapping spwan die spawn die scenario!
  7. Yep due to lack of activity I've gone from checking daily to maybe once or twice a week. I'm probably as guilty as anyone for lack of posts but other than BF1 I'm not really playing anything on PC, having lost the urge to complete Ghost Recon Wildlands, so haven't got much to say.
  8. Basically, we're all still here but haven't got anything important to say
  9. I'm the same as Halrick, I check every day out of habit! I spend most of my days in Discord now for various games (but mainly Dual Universe) and changed my in-game name in some games to Kael now Unfortunately people drift away and a lot of the old gang hasn't been seen in a long while
  10. What are you currently playing?

    Its weird because i played hours and hours and hours of counter strike back in the day but nowadays i just cant be bothered to get through the learning curve or whatever it is. I guess its time for slippers and pipe! Edit: how do the yoof type on phones argghhh
  11. Questions (which-do-not-deserve-their-own-thread) Thread

    That sounds like me as well
  12. What are you currently playing?

    Same here with shooters. BF1 is a spawn > die > repeat fest for me, which I can only play while drunk nowadays to prevent my rage quitting. I really liked the COD WW2 single player, but the multiplayer makes me feel as though I'm physically paralysed or something - I just can't react fast enough to do any damage to anyone. I've returned to my list of shame - currently Crysis Warhead (which look .... dated .... and runs on the highest settings) and Metro 2033, which I can only play in short bursts because otherwise I get bored shitless. Euro Truck Simulator is the only game thalt's not yet lost its shine. Which, maybe, says it all.
  13. What are you currently playing?

    Well true to my word.....well no not really. I am not sure what it is about fps multiplayer nowadays, i dont know if its because i am "old" or dont play many games nowadays but i just cannot compete in them nowadays. I just spawn, run around a bit and either die without seeing the enemy or see the enemy and fire a burst at them...then another then die from one shot from them. So i am still playing an old favourite, World of Tanks, as that is less twitch based. Mind you, with the release of new tanks and power creep (new tanks being introduced that are more powerful than old tanks) even this game is losing its shine! Did nuy the new CoD and kind of enjoyed the SP and dipped a little toe in the MP and enjoyed it more than any other recent MP fps. Also got project cars 2 but having difficulty getting my wheel to play ball so not really played that either
  14. I still lurk...probabky an illegal amount of lurking tbh!
  15. I've been criminally inactive, but I was surprised to see zero response to any of my recent efforts. Shame.
  16. I still check in daily out of habit. Aside from Reddit and maybe a couple of news outlets, there aren't many sites that I visit all that often nowadays. Everything has an app
  17. Not quite, but it's on its last legs. All the young kids are on instabook or some such.
  18. Looks like this place has died. RIP.
  19. I was going to question how anyone could not love Overwatch, glad to see he changed his mind.
  20. What Do You Collect?

    Nice, I really want to buy that, I absolutely adore Overwatch and D.Va is one of the stand out characters for sure. I got the Limited Edition Artbook for my birthday and have the prints proudly on display in my office.
  21. The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    The Last Jedi, pants! I never thought I'd say this, but I now like The Force Awakens more. The only negative I had about the TFA was the whole film being almost a carbon copy of "A new hope" but what it absolutely did right was have a compelling story and reproduce the Star Wars universe with modern technology and absolutely nail it. I guess I never considered it could get worse and therefore I hated on it a bit too much. I however thoroughly enjoyed my first viewing and got goosebumps multiple times! Discussing TLJ will unfortunately require spoilers, do not read on unless you've seen it. I love Star Wars, but maybe the elements I love are not the elements everyone else does. I like lightsabre battles, cool force use and space battles. Give me a good story with lots of this and I'll love the film. 6.5 out of 10 (I'll see if that changes on a second viewing when it's released)
  22. What doesn't piss you off?

    Been to a funeral today for my wife's nana, after the wake we started playing Cards Against Humanity, my sister-in-law played this We all laughed
  23. The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    Also saw the TLJ and I really didnt like it at all. The prequels were better !! People have covered all the reasons why they didnt like it well enough but for me the main reason I didnt like it was that it didnt have the same kind of "magic" as the other Star Wars movies, it just didnt feel like the scope was big enough. Even though quite a lot happened, it felt like not much happened as well. The movie felt more like an episode of a TV show, like one of the grander GoT episodes. So far Rogue One has been the best new SW movie for me
  24. The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    Just going to say the humour in TLJ was a bit much for my taste - that “I’m holding for Hugs” stuff could have been straight out of Spaceballs....
  25. The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    Y’know, I missed that. And again, it was internally set up to BE noticed. I blame the shitty seats we had.
  26. The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    My niece (now 12) is now a full-on Star Wars geek. She's seen all the movies multiple times, and got up at 6:30 this morning to rewatch TFA In readiness for her watching The Last Jedi tonight - her first Star Wars at the cinema. We discuss pluses and minuses of each movie, the optimal watching order, and Lucas's decisions with the prequels. She has an encylopdeic knowledge of every character and plot point. I'm very proud to have inducted a member of the Centennial generation into the Star Wars Geek universe and call her 'My young apprentice'. May The Force be with you.
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