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  2. Suffered through the Star Wars prequel trilogy ove the last few week. After finishing episode 3 my autistic 10 year old son says "Next week we should watch Rogue One". He's only seen it once but obviously 'gets it'. His training is complete
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  4. Every time I see someting about the actress who plays Wonder Woman I read her name as Gul Dukat.
  5. The church that we are getting married at made it very clear to us when we booked our wedding date that they took care of the notice of marriage e.t.c. Turns out this was not the case, and we've had to hightail it to the register office to do the Notice of Marriage today or else we couldn't have our wedding on the 5th August. Needless to say, i'm pretty pissed off at the moment! (But relieved that it's sorted!)
  6. I would also try with a different keyboard and mouse tbh.
  7. Thanks Nige / DJ I tried running the rig open with the chassis fans disconnected but still get the same issue. We haven't added any new USB devices recently... but I will try disconnecting everything USB apart from the keyboard and mouse. If we were to go down the rebuild options does anyone have any suggestions? I was tempted to do a small micro atx build..
  8. Have you added any usb devices recently? I'm only asking as I recently added a usb card reader which caused a slowdown of my pc getting to the first stage of the POST (before the first beep). I removed it with the pc turned off and when I booted up I had lost access to a HDD and one of the drives started clicking simular to the click of death. I shut down the pc, reconnected the card reader, booted up and the HDD was availabe again. I removed the card reader while booted into windows and all my problems went away. I'm on Windows 10. Just an idea.
  9. I like this thread because it confirms all my prejudices about Kickstarter.
  10. Have a look here: If there's no jumper on the board, my gut feeling would be something else on the board failing, post #10 mentions a chassis fan .... Worth a try.
  11. Having worked in the automobile industry I can confirm that prices are steep in a lot of dealers. A lot of the time you are paying extra for the costs of running a bricks and mortar operation as well as opportunistic behaviour through asymmetric information from seller to buyer. I tend to find one I trust and stick with them and have done for some time. One of the worst for rip offs in main dealers is tyres, which is what I worked in. I once went into a main dealer to get a quote for one tyre and they quoted me £120 for one Marshall (a budget brand). I politely declined knowing I could get a premium tyre for about £70 online and elsewhere. On the car front I've just upgraded from a 1.6 Petrol Astra J SRI 11 plate to an Ex Demo 66 plate Vauxhall Zafira Tourer SRI 2L Diesel. Paid £14.6k for it which was a fairly good price. Best move ever having an MPV with the family now. Such a lovely drive too... Whilst I appreciate a nice Jag/BMW/Other Premium Saloon I can't get past the extra cost and the fact it becomes a target on your drive these days (which is a shame). I've somehow ended up on the Vauxhall train unintentionally too... despite hating the service in the past.
  12. Hi All, Hope all is well with everyone - been a while since I have been on these forums but I find myself with a bit of PC conundrum and would appreciate some advice / assistance. Recently my wife's PC (a build I did years ago) has started giving BIOS errors on start-up. The errors are either of the following two: "Chassis intruded! Fatal Error... System Halted "Chassis intrude please check your system fatal error" I have tried everything I can think of to fix it, including a flash of the BIOS to the latest version and actually swapping the BIOS chip out with a new one. The motherboard doesn't have a chassis detect option in the BIOS nor a jumper or port on it so you can't switch it off. It also seems to only give the error the first time the PC is switched on and you can get past it by restarting the machine - but it's annoying and I think it is the sort of thing that is likely to only get worse with time. Her system is an LGA1155 build, spec is below: Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i5-2500k Sandybridge (no OC) 8GB DDR3 across 4x2GB (Corsair) P8P67 Rev 3.1 Asus Motherboard AMD Radeon 5700 HD 2x 1TB HDD DVD Drive PSU: I think it's an Antec (was 85 rated at the time). Specs aren't top of the line and haven't been for some time as she uses the machine for office work not gaming. I know an SSD would help. So for advice - is it possible to get an LGA1155 motherboard replacement and if not what would be the best upgrade we could do for a reasonable price? Thanks C
  13. Nostalgia in bound.
  14. I've just realised I never updated this after seeing Salome by Oscar Wilde at the RSC in Stratford. This was absolutely sensational. Just...go and see it! for the love of God, go and see it! The performances are electrifying, the atmosphere created is utterly unique, the music(seemingly by one Perfume Genius) is hypnotic and the whole thing comes together in something like a religious experience. I have to see this again, I just have to.
  15. Wiring and safety standards do not have anything to do with interference. For that we're into the dark world of EMC. This is a very black art of which I am not well versed, however... Remember back to school and the connection between electricity and magnetism? Everything which takes power (as current flow) will generate a proportionate magnetic field...and every magnetic field will induce a current into it's neighbor. So, basically, everything makes electrical noise and everything is affected by electrical noise. A PC PSU is a good example. A SWITCH MODE PSU takes massive current pulses which, if you could hear it, would be like a machine gun firing. Those current pulses will rattle the mains which will affect the HomePlugs. [As an aside, I recall reading something in an EMC magazine a few years back where they were struggling to get Homeplug-type devices through approvals because of the amount of EMC noise they were making!] Only by careful design can the noise be reduced...and it will only be reduced enough to "pass the test". And the level of noise will only be tested on and R&D sample - I doubt every product manufactured would be subject to a full EMC test! It will be declared "right by design". Companies go to a lot of time and effort (and money!) getting their products to pass EMC tests, of which there's two areas. 1) Susceptibility - how much $hit your stuff can with-stand before it falls over. 2) Emissions - how much $hit your stuff puts out while going about it's business. The ideal situation is for (2) to be less than (1) in all cases! Sorry for any errors! BR JN
  16. You lie, you love RiRi!
  17. Oh Maybe contact support about it? Surely it should be distinguishing between different user accounts/devices.
  18. Yeah that's what I thought but I now have six daily Mixes none of which include anything by either SLF or The Stone Roses. Strange thing is we have the Family account and they appear on my daughters where I have some stuff like Rihanna appear on mine that i've never listened to.
  19. The more you listen, the more they'll appear. You'll have just the one Daily Mix to begin with but once you've listened to a larger number of songs (i.e. given it more data) it'll get a better idea of the kind of stuff you like/might like and begin to put together more than one mix.
  20. Anybody use Spotify? I'm puzzled by my Daily Mix choices, none of which include my favourite band, loads of random stuff I may have listened to once or twice but none of my actual favourites even though I've followed them etc. Any idea what I need to do to make them appear in a mix?
  21. Yeah I don't know how they stay in business, a lot of people seem to be under some impression that only an Audi, Ford, Mazda etc Technician can fix their vehicle. Because of this false impression they pay 2, even 3 times as much for the same work and parts. If you think having that dealer stamp is going to get you enough extra when you sell to justify the extra cost of repair etc then you're dreaming.
  22. This was the reason I bought a Focus while the kids are young and destructive buggers, if anything breaks I can replace it fairly easy and cheap with non-ford parts. Take the side mirror, someone smashed it off while the missus was driving down the road and didnt stop. Priced up a ford like for like and it was £120, found the same non-branded on eBay for £25 new and fitted it myself. I won't go to a main dealer for service, MOTs, or parts again, they are a huge rip-off!
  23. I am agreeing with you, because the one waving its credentials around was trying to rip me off and flog me "official" parts, whereas the one-man-band independent local bod just fixed it back into place.
  24. I'm not sure if you're agreeing with me or not here?
  25. That reminds me of the "RAC-approved" garage that tried to rip me off on my Focus a few years back: "Oh yeah, your headlamp unit is loose, Ford want £120 for that, then there's.." "Hang on, even if I need a new headlamp I'm not gonna go to Ford am I? I'm gonna wander into a scrapyard and give them a tenner for a headlamp." Ended up taking it to my current mechanic, who screwed the headlamp back into place in about 15 minutes flat.
  26. You know you don't HAVE to go to a Mazda dealer? Any third party competent garage will do just as good a job. Turbo went on our Mazda CX-5, Mazda wanted an eye watering £2500 for the turbo part alone, with like another £1000 in labour cost and they also wouldn't entertain a refurbish of the Turbo. Plus the closest "Mazda" dealer to us is a Sandicliffe which mainly do Ford, there are no Mazda independents. I took the Turbo to a specialist who fixed it, slapped a guarantee on it and cost me £700. I also got a mechanic I know to fit it to save on labour. Been absolutely fine since.
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