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  2. Burger! I missed it. Kids bought me (at my request) the box set of original a few years back but I only got time for about 3 episodes. Catch-up 'ere we come for the new series. BR JN
  3. Twin Peaks is back, Twin Peaks is back!! I was elated but dreading it at the same time - surely they couldn't manage anything beyond crappy fanservice after all this time? But oh my it was wonderful. New mysteries, new leads on some old mysteries, and some slightly unusual casting changes, but all to the good. Roll on next week!
  4. My mate had some t-shirts designed for his boxing forum - the url, a boxing glove hanging off an underline, and the text filled by a particular national flag, eg red, white and blue for UK, the Welsh dragon etc. But the printers all said "sorry, the designs you sent need to be vector images - they're too low-quality." So an ex-colleague of mine who's a graphic designer did me a favour and redrew one image and built a template, which he sent via pdf, which he says "Contains a clipping mask so you just drop a vector image in and it will cut it to the shape of the text, so just grab some vectors of flags off google and drop them in. Except that doesn't seem to happen - I got it half working in Photoshop but then it was losing the drop shadows on the text, and even to get that I was having to drag the image, resize it, "create clipping mask" and then undo it, resize it to fit better, etc. I asked former colleague and he said I need to use illustrator not photoshop, but I've never used Illustrator before and it seems to work even less. Printers now also say the white horizontal line needs to be bigger or it won't print properly, and I can't even see the white line in illustrator. If someone could take a look and give me a quick tutorial, I'd appreciate it! Files are here:
  5. Yes but that's not just the MOT, that's including the work needed to get it to pass - I've been driving since mid-2009, now on car number 3 and my MOT has never been less than 200 quid.
  6. Going rate is £40 here, I've never paid more than that. It used to be £30 a few years ago.
  7. It's quite a lucrative skill to have. And may in future lead to other things that interest you more - Personally, I love Excel, although I'm no good at accounting and maths, but I like doing creative software more. I'm currently having a great time building e-learning courses using some really interesting apps that I'd not encountered before. Being, I think, naturally good with software (or just too pig-headed to give up when it's challenging) I've been able to get up to speed very quickly and become the 'go to guy' for some really fun work. Embrace your talent!
  8. MOT today - £75 all done. Cheapest MOT of my life!
  9. If you look specifically at Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light. The 770 outperforms it considerably. I'm not a 100% sure but I think my card is already clocked a bit. It's a good idea though, maybe I'll give it a go tonight. It's a shame the new Vega isn't out yet. I'm thinking that might be my next upgrade.
  10. That link doesn't seem to suggest worse performance, though not dramatically better. This one also seems to suggest similar Compared with a 780, there's certainly not much in it, and the 780 may be cheaper, I dunno Couldn't you try overclocking your 770 to squeeze a bit more out of it and buy you time?
  11. Ah okay. I've just had a look at this It actually seems to perform worse on games than the 770, plus my 770 has 4GB of memory not the 2GB. I'm not sure I'd gain anything and certainly could get worse performance. Feel free to correct me, I guess I was hoping it was the Titan X
  12. Gigabyte GTX Titan 6GB
  13. I wish I knew! On the bright side I can at least be brutally honest when telling recruiters that I'm naturally good with software, even if I REALLY don't want to be.
  14. Kynren again soon - nearly a year since I posted last! I am just back from NTLive: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Go and see it. If you're in London, go see the real thing to get the full atmosphere, but one way or another go and see it - it's an astonishing play and this version is almost as good as the one I saw in about 2006. Imelda Staunton and Conleth Hill are absolutely immaculate, and maintaining that sort of intensity for 3 hours night after night must take some doing - just watching the play leaves me shattered, it's that good. Go and see it. Go now.
  15. So the question is why does the universe hate you so very much?
  16. I'm very interested I just need to check a few things. Which exact model is it please, I need to see if it will fit my case. Thanks for your help so far, appreciate it.
  17. Double post, sorry! My Excel troubles have worsened. Earlier this week I'd had enough of the constant stress so (perhaps recklessly) decided to sabotage the software a little, buying me a couple of days of peace. Turns out, however, that by intentionally tanking the system I exposed a rather significant flaw which has now been patched, thereby improving the overall process and further strengthening my co-workers perception of me as an Excel genius.
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  19. Blokey says he was using a 600W PSU and so long as you have two PCI-E connectors you're fine. I can always send you molex to PCI-E adapters, but any decent PSU should have a couple of rails.
  20. While driving home this evening I switched on my demisters and noticed they were only pumping out cold air. My temperature gauge was also sky high, just like it was when I took it to the garage at the beginning of last month. I only got it back a couple of weeks ago! I've dropped it off at a different garage to assess the fault. A quick browse online suggests I should then give the previous garage a chance to fix their mistake but I really can't face the thought of them dicking about with my car for another few weeks. My insurance and MOT are due so this month was always going to be expensive and now this is going to ramp up the cost even more. Bloody brilliant!
  21. Yeah, he was going to put both his titans on ebay, but someone offered him 200 quid so he jumped at it and now just wants rid of the other one. I got a 2500K, motherboard, 16GB of DDR3 and a GTX460 off him in exchange for assembling his new PC
  22. £180 for a Titan? That cheap! I'm even considering it, and I have a laptop!
  23. I don't know - he was running two of them in SLi, not sure what PSU he had, will check. But looking on google, the suggestion is under maximum load, the card pulls 250W - any decent gaming system should have loads of overhead there.
  24. I thought that card required a lot of power? I'm interested but not sure I can run it
  25. I know a guy with a Titan card for sale fairly cheap, but not sure exactly how much he wants. EDIT: says £180 would buy it before it hits ebay - he's swapped to a 1080 so just wants to get some cash back.
  26. Anyone got an Nvidia 780 they'd let go cheap? or even a 980. Wanting to upgrade for a bit of extra FPS but don't want to commit to a full upgrade at the moment. Currently running a 770.
  27. Anyone know anything about mountain bikes? I need to replace the chainset on my bike, it was a cheap bike just to get me to work and back but the teeth have worn out after 16 months and I sometime get chain slip when setting off. I've seen a chainset online that i'm thinking of getting however it says it is a 9 speed one and my bike is currently on a 7 speed chain and cassette, would it work ok? Also i'm guessing that all square taper chainsets are the same size fiting as I can't find anything saying otherwise. Also do I need to match the current number of teeth or can it be something close to it? I am hoping to get about another 18 months out of the bike before upgrading to something better. Cheers.
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