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  1. Nige

    RAID: World War II

    Been playing the closed  beta of this on steam for the last couple of nights. Liking the WW2 theme and the Payday gameplay. It's daft fun with a 'Kelly's Heroes' vibe about it. If you have Payday 2, then the beta is available until release date (26th September) and there's a discount for...
  2. Nige

    Suggestions for Free DVD player for Windows 10

    Hi all, My missus has just discovered that Windows 10 doesn't play DVDs natively. Having avoided Windows 10 myself, I'm not sure which would be the best solution. Any suggestions for a free DVD player for Windows 10 please? Nothing fancy, just a simple playback feature would be great...
  3. Nige

    Forum weirdness

    Since the update, the forums have been borked for me on iPad and Windows phone. I've tried using Chrome on the iPad, and also Mercury with the agent set to Firefox and IE 10. Threads aren't loading, profiles aren't loading either. On iPad the page is blank, on Windows Phone with IE I get 500...
  4. Nige

    Office 365 - any experience of it?

    Anyone had any experience of Office365? Ideally in a corporate environment, but any feedback on usage/performance in any context would be gratefully received. I'm looking at it for work. Thanks
  5. Nige

    Sound distortion stuttering in a game

    The shittiest game ever just got worse - I've succesfully played 007 Legends previously on this PC, but not for a while (due to it being pretty crap). I recenlty thought I'd like to finish it, but it appears to have a major issue: After a few minutes, even on the loading screen, the sound starts...
  6. Nige

    Xcom - The Bureau: Xcom Declassified

    Not my cup of tea, so never played it, but I know there's a few XCOM fans on here who may be interested in this: Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere.
  7. Nige

    The "take It Outside" Thread

    I think that a thread to which members 'spats' could be taken might be a good idea. Saves clogging up threads on other topics with the back and forth of "differences in opinion." A place to slug it out without disturbing the more gentile members. I should imagine that burp and me will lurk...
  8. Nige

    Cooling Advice

    As some of you may be aware [cough] I bought a new system from Scan at the end of March this year (full specs in my profile). It's still great, but the noise of the twin fans on the graphics card (EVGA GTX580 GS SC) is beginning to annoy me slightly. All is ok at idle as far as noise is...
  9. Nige

    007 Legends

    I've just found out about this while looking for the release date for Skyfall (I don't get out much!). It's bound to be a shoddy port on pc, the graphics don't look much in the trailers, and they'll invevitably take liberties with the characters and storylines, but .... It's Bond! Personally I...
  10. Nige

    Notifications From This Forum Weirdness

    For some reason, I've recently started getting html tags in notification emails from this forum. As in: <strong>Nige,</strong> bsoltan has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "What pisses you off?". <div class='callout'> Started a couple of weeks ago, happens in...
  11. Nige

    Pci-E X16 Versus Pci-E X8?

    Dear erstwhile Wandyers, AS some of you may know, I recently got a new pre-build from Scan. I'm v happy with it, but recently noticed that NVidia control panel and GPU-Z reported that the GTX 580 was running in PCi-E x8 (2.0) mode, although the card can support PCi-E x16. The graphics card is...
  12. Nige

    New pre-built system - Scan?

    I know a few fine fellows here have bought pre-built systems from Scan in the past. Are they still recommended? I'm in the market for a new system, primarily for gaming, but more specifically; Flight Simulation Video editing Audio editing Photoshopping Simple web design Budget could be...