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  2. Optimaximal

    Steam Box?

    Three things... 1) Ease of use 2) Up to Date (Microsoft are more open & fairly on time with feature support as it's developed - OpenGL gets updated as and when someone gets around to it) 3) the Xbox & the Xbox 360
  3. Optimaximal

    Hp Microserver

    I've got one of these at work sitting under my desk - it's got 2x2TB drives in it alongside the provided 250GB disc & has had many intended uses but none of them have ever come to pass. My next intended use is to set up a FOG server for imaging new computers, although we're not planning any new...
  4. Optimaximal

    Steam Box?

    Many people now have competent, if not fairly powerful machines running as HTPCs in their living rooms. Heck, even kit such as the Raspberry Pi is gaining traction, especially now they've released an MPEG decoding license to go with the h264 decoding. If Valve WEREN'T looking into this market...
  5. Optimaximal

    Black Mesa: Source - Sept 14Th 2012

    They're altering the Commando barks to match HL1 as a result of community feedback to the leaked On A Rail video.
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    Reusing A Windows Installation

    They still do that - a Windows 7 HP disc is the same as Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise. You can install them all by entering no serial when installing a clean copy. Windows 8 also supports the 'upgrading the upgrade' method that Vista & 7 seemed to ignore.
  7. Optimaximal

    Network Attached Storage

    The 2 in my NAS are fine and I suspect if you ever buy complete units the supplied drives will be from whatever OEM was the cheapest at the time. There shouldn't be such a thing as an 'incompatible' drive. Yes, drives manufactured 'for' network storage use (i.e. likely RAID, different access...
  8. Optimaximal

    Network Attached Storage

    Relevant News of Much Relevance Western Digital announce 'Red' series of drives specifically designed for Network Storage - http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2012/07/11/wd-red-nas-drives/
  9. Optimaximal

    Tablet Advice

    The Tab 8.9 (and 10.1) are getting ICS sometime in the next 2 months, so that should be a good comparison. Really can't stand Honeycomb on our work 8.9 - such a sluggish mess of an OS.
  10. Optimaximal

    Sending A Message To A Pc Using Only An Ip Address

    As Grry said, WPA is only less secure if you're using WPS, which is a 'push-to-connect' convenience service and, as we all know, convenience services are insecure by definition. WPA on its own (whether WPA or WPA2 with a PSK or RADIUS) is more secure because it uses a more advanced level of...
  11. Optimaximal

    Buying a US Tablet

    As hinted above, yes ASUS sell the Transformer as *just* a tablet in the US with the keyboard (i.e. the only reason for buying it) as a (~)$140 extra. ASUS sell the two as a complete unit in their EMEA territories, which may negate any savings.
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    Network Attached Storage

    Good to know you're getting on with it.
  13. Optimaximal

    Windows 8

    Microsoft are pinning (sorry for the pun) their hopes on people pinning frequent application shortcuts to the taskbar. Also, they've removed core code functionality that allowed someone to recreate the start menu in the first Consumer Preview then trimmed more out of the later release to FORCE...
  14. Optimaximal

    Google I/o 2012

    Yep, Glass looks scary impressive and that Nexus 7 is going to give Apple something to worry about, especially as its probably been designed to avoid being patented out of the market by Cupertino. The Nexus Q isn't going to have much interest outside of the US unless Google can manage to expand...
  15. Optimaximal

    Selling Nuclear Dawn And Hl2: Ep2

    If anyone notices someone trying to sell free codes to people, report the post to the moderators immediately. It's not big and it's not clever.
  16. Optimaximal

    Microsoft's Surface Tablet

    The Mac App Store says otherwise. Basically, the market has spoken and shown that people are both more forgiving and more liable to 'take a punt' if the price is reasonable.
  17. Optimaximal

    Microsoft's Surface Tablet

    I'm impressed they had the bawls to do the x86 versions. Everyone is whinging about 'oh it won't touch the iPad for battery life' or 'it'll get hot in my hands' but that's hardly the point. It's the device that essentially justifies Windows 8's existence!
  18. Optimaximal

    Single Sata Hard Drive Shows Up As Ide Slave

    I think, because you have an IDE drive, you can't switch to AHCI. The Motherboard has to 'emulate' the Master/Slave ordering, so you need to check the motherboard manual and see what SATA ports correspond to what (Primary/Secondary, Master/Slave etc). It's also worth noting that if you do...
  19. Optimaximal

    Windows 8

    The Ribbon is a godsend if you use it regularly but a pita if you don't - I know where a good deal of the tools are in the 2010 build, but I do hate the contextual add-ons (such as the layout/design tabs when adding tables) as they don't always appear when you need them.
  20. Optimaximal

    Apple Thread (Fans And Enthusiasts Edition)

    The problem is Apple have done the same as they did with the iPad 3 - an obscene number of pixels to push, meaning any serious gaming is going to be lacklustre at native resolutions.