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  1. Optimaximal

    Dear Opti is moving...

    ...to CNS, properly! As discussed in various threads previous, it seems to be a better fit for the community, plus giving us encouragement to put more content on CNS as regular readers will inspire a regular commitment... More as it happens.
  2. Optimaximal

    Embedded Video

    SHOCK & AWE!!! Supports YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Google Video. Favours HTML5, falls back to Flash. Use the and tags or click the film strip button. If pasting links, make sure they're the full links, not shortened ones (i.e. youtu.be) as the extension can't pick them up.
  3. Optimaximal

    Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 issue? - PC Speaker stuck on

    Long story short, I've just tried removing two HDDs (one WD, one Samsung) from my PC to be replaced by a single TB unit from Seagate. When I the system tried to POST, once the CPU & RAM checks were done, the PC Speaker started playing a long continuous beep. The motherboard manual says this is...
  4. Optimaximal

    Compact case

    My PC is moving from the spare room upstairs (which is currently a dumping ground) down to the extension, as it's becoming a mini study (again). As a result, my Centurion 534+ is a little big, especially since we bought a NAS (multiple HDDs no longer required) and I can't see there being any...
  5. Optimaximal

    Meet the Mods

    I've picked some moderators, A little bit of old and new, Please don't argue with them, Lest they feed you to the Grue! AssassiN Driver Grrrpoop Sobtanian Supernovi tom_hargreaves (because he was the only one who asked me directly)
  6. Optimaximal

    Ground Rules

    Language & Abuse No racist, sexist or otherwise scathing/unwarranted attacks, whether in jest or not. Harsh swears, specifically the C-word & N-word, are prohibitted. Attempts to bypass the censor will result in public warnings, then bans. Joke threads should remain tasteful, abiding by the...
  7. Optimaximal

    I can't leave you lot for 30 seconds...

    Right, unfortunately, I've had to turn on the language censor for a select few words already... Despite not being affiliated with anyone anymore, I have to host this forum somewhere. It's public and someone has already complained to my host, netting me a warning. I don't want to turn this...