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Ground Rules


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Aug 15, 2011
Language & Abuse

  • No racist, sexist or otherwise scathing/unwarranted attacks, whether in jest or not.
  • Harsh swears, specifically the C-word & N-word, are prohibitted. Attempts to bypass the censor will result in public warnings, then bans.
  • Joke threads should remain tasteful, abiding by the above rules.
  • This is a public forum, visible to guests, some of which may be minors. Use your head before posting.
Topics of questionable legitimacy
  • Topics discussing piracy & copyright are allowed, providing they are not encouraging or facilitating them, no matter how benign it may seem. Yes, copying your DVDs, even for personal use, is naughty m'kay!
  • Don't talk about anything from the more questionable *chans... I don't really fancy a police investigation.
  • Proper naughty porn is banned. Scantily clad ladies are allowed to a degree (keep them too this thread), but abide by copyright
  • No image hotlinking, unless using an appropriate service like imageshack.
  • No Selling of goods. We don't want to be involved when it all goes wrong. You can offer trades in the Trading Post of Moneyless Trading Forum.
Most of all, ENJOY YOURSELF.
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