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    2019 Changes

    Hello Everyone! A rare update from me, as many of you will know i had a bad start to the year (well 4 months in anyway) and it's caused me to take a look at a lot of things and reflect. With that in mind, in 2019 im going to start updating the site again and attempt to get some writing staff on board again (much like i did in 2017) to try and inject some life back into here (hopefully you make any newbies very welcome!). To be fair, i only really trailled off on it because the (now) ex wife objected to me putting anytime whatsoever into it - but that's neither here nor there. With that in mind, the first change you'll notice in early 2019 (date TBC) is that i will be movng the forums from Invision to Xenforo. We shouldn't lose too much functionality and it'll be a much lighter load on the server (and overall a cheaper licence). This will also allow me to easier integrate the site and forums such as they are one entity (well hopefully anyway, it certainly looks like i can do this!). My plan is for one forum design with a light theme and a dark variant. I'll share these designs with you all over the next few weeks. I also plan on trying to foster more regular "fight nights" between us all and hopefully get some of them recorded/streamed (assuming people are OK with this).
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    Forum Reorder

    Had a small re-ordering of the forums, all the old "Trading Post" Sections are now under Off Topic. Tech Support is now under the Discussion section. Just trying to make things look a bit cleaner.