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    Battlefield V

    I would agree with that ranking.
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    Battlefield V

    Took your advice and had a few rounds on BF4 tonight and it was a lot more enjoyable than the recent rounds I've had on BFV and BF1. Great fun blasting around Golmud in a tank, feels like a proper Battlefield game . Have to say BF4>BF1>BFV at the minute
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    Battlefield V

    Went back to BF4 today for a few hours and had a whale of a time! So much more fun than BF1 or V (albeit a v limited experience of V)
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    What Do You Collect?

    If only I'd stuck to my guns and ignored @Sobtanian's recommendation of the damn game...
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    What pisses you off?

    As an electrician, I encourage you to get this changed at some point. If you do have any work done in your house then whoever does the work will tell you (or better do!) that you require a fuse board upgrade to meet the current regulations and be able to sign off the work.