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    You say done to death but there is clearly some old school thinkers here. I'd summarise the facts as this. Benefits Vertical sync is naff, it adds input delay and is not suitable for competitive shooters like PUBG, CS:GO etc. Ask any, ANY CS:GO player. The evidence is overwhelming. More FPS reduces tearing, something to do with having fresher frames but in games like Overwatch and CS:GO where I can limit my FPS the tearing becomes more apparent if I lock my FPS at say 100 compared to 200. More FPS makes mouse movement smoother which will help your accuracy. Negatives 60hz can only display 60 frames per second. You're pushing your GPU harder. If you think I'm wrong, how about trying it? Most people own CS:GO, console command is fps_max to limit fps can turn off vertical sync too.
  4. SuPerNoVi


    Really don't understand your point here. If you don't like tech talk you've been visiting the wrong place for quite some time.
  5. SuPerNoVi


    Not at all. As explained twice now.
  6. SuPerNoVi


    Well to me, it's unplayable. Like Overwatch as an example, if I put graphics at max. My FPS drops and I find that in a fast paced shooter like that it's having a negative impact on my ability to aim quickly and accurately. Lowering the graphics a bit and bringing the average to about 180fps genuinely feels much better.
  7. SuPerNoVi


    You're wrong Another example seeing as you ignored my video in previous post. https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/54k7px/60fps_vs_300fps_very_noticeable_on_60hz_monitor/
  8. SuPerNoVi


    It's not exclusive to PUBG. I play a lot of Overwatch and the difference between 100 FPS and 200 FPS is very apparent to me. This opinion, if you like, is not from articles it's from experience and playing around with settings to get the best out of my graphics cards. I think it's one of those things where ignorance is bliss. However I did come across this guy that explains it really well a while ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=hjWSRTYV8e0 bsoltan, we teamed up for duos one night and were talking PC tech as you do. I was keen to know how many FPS he was getting out of his beast rig only to discover he'd got it locked on 60. I urged him to turn off Vsync but no idea if he did or not. I didn't know it had Gsync, that should make a considerable difference. I'm not suggesting 144hz is the minimum, I didn't realise you had 100hz. It's just 144hz is the common one. I myself run on 60hz and I'm very much sticking with ignorance on this as I know if I experience higher I'm going to want to change both my monitors instantly
  9. SuPerNoVi


    If memory serves Seasonic was highly recommended. Personally I've been leaning toward Corsair PSUs but I think these guys have a good rep.
  10. SuPerNoVi


    How anyone can play PUBG at less than 90 FPS I'll never know. This game is so un-optimised you need the high fps to compensate and keep that input lag down. Based on the performance of my 1080 at 1080P I would imagine it runs like a piece of shit at super high resolutions. I was surprised to learn you were playing with V-Sync on tbh, limiting your FPS to a mere 60. If you turned it off I imagine it's like playing a different game. I'd personally rather get GSync and 144Hz over an ultrawide if gaming is your primary purpose for the display. If work is your primary then yeah the ultrawides are pretty neat.
  11. I strongly suggest thinking about the long term of the new build estate. The one built near us at first looks pretty nice from the front early on but if you go into it now the majority is complete, it's the very definition of crammed. In many ways I think I dodged a bullet by not getting this house, as the neighbourhood alone would annoy me. I also have a mate who's just gotten into the brick laying game and a conversation with him is a real eye opener. Could be a different story where you are of course.
  12. The housing market is beyond a joke. I'd have to spend at least an extra 200k to get anything worth moving to but that oddly will also mean sacrifices too in the way of driveway and garden. For that reason I'm not willing to sell my house until I know I have something worth moving to, and there in lies a problem. I can't put an offer on a house without having an offer on mine, which seems a bit fucking strange to me. I thought that was the whole thing with chains, like once contracts are signed it could be anywhere from 6 months to a year before the chain is sorted out. I'm willing to wait for the person to also find a property and I know for a fact that properties in my area sell in like 2 - 3 weeks without issue. You try to talk to an estate agent though and they don't want to know, fuckers the lot of them. Considering my mortgage is so good and I have a great drive and garden, I'm actually thinking of extending which brings about it's own set of problems. Oh and don't get me started on the new builds! New estates with as many houses crammed in as possible, 4 bed houses with space for a single car. Roads too narrow for street parking which is inevitable. Street layouts that are more maze than anything. Paper thin internal walls. Barely enough garden for a trampoline. All this for criminally extortionate prices. Yet they sell, people keep buying them. So they keep making more with the same low standards. I've only seen one new build I wanted on a Charles Church build, it was a good one at the front of the whole estate unfortunately someone bought it before us. I asked if they were making more like this with decent drives, garage and 3 floors. "Nope, we're building more 3 bed semis instead".
  13. Yes, although I don't find the art completely unrealistic as "cartoon esque" kind of implies. Overwatch is the perfect game for you because each hero has a set play style. If you want to play a traditional FPS style you have a few choices but prime choice would be Soldier. If you want to swing a massive hammer around and shield you team from enemy fire, you'd pick Reinhardt. If you want to heal people you can go for Mercy, or for a bit of variety pick Lucio who can also speed up the teams movement and have a more direct impact on the fights. If you play competitive mode (the only mode worth playing imo) then you will be matched with players of similar skill level, so you don't need to worry about being a "Veteran" as long as you don't get too disheartened with your rank being Silver or Bronze you'll have a great time. I played TF2 to death back in the day, this is a completely different game. It's more like a DOTA or LoL esque FPS in that you have abilities. Each hero is unique as opposed to each class in TF2. If Overwatch isn't your cup of tea, you might be interested in Battalion 1944. It's a classic FPS think CoD 2 or Medal of Honor Allied Assault and is going early access in Feb. As a MOHAA VET, I'm interested to see how much this lives up to the legacy.
  14. I've been criminally inactive, but I was surprised to see zero response to any of my recent efforts. Shame.
  15. Looks like this place has died. RIP.