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  1. What pisses you off?

  2. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    Played a few games with Ben, up for playing with any of you. Just message me on Steam, assuming I'm on.
  3. Car Thread

    Yeah I don't know how they stay in business, a lot of people seem to be under some impression that only an Audi, Ford, Mazda etc Technician can fix their vehicle. Because of this false impression they pay 2, even 3 times as much for the same work and parts. If you think having that dealer stamp is going to get you enough extra when you sell to justify the extra cost of repair etc then you're dreaming.
  4. Car Thread

    I'm not sure if you're agreeing with me or not here?
  5. Car Thread

    You know you don't HAVE to go to a Mazda dealer? Any third party competent garage will do just as good a job. Turbo went on our Mazda CX-5, Mazda wanted an eye watering £2500 for the turbo part alone, with like another £1000 in labour cost and they also wouldn't entertain a refurbish of the Turbo. Plus the closest "Mazda" dealer to us is a Sandicliffe which mainly do Ford, there are no Mazda independents. I took the Turbo to a specialist who fixed it, slapped a guarantee on it and cost me £700. I also got a mechanic I know to fit it to save on labour. Been absolutely fine since.
  6. What doesn't piss you off?

    Going rate is £40 here, I've never paid more than that. It used to be £30 a few years ago.
  7. Any Old Iron?

    If you look specifically at Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light. The 770 outperforms it considerably. I'm not a 100% sure but I think my card is already clocked a bit. It's a good idea though, maybe I'll give it a go tonight. It's a shame the new Vega isn't out yet. I'm thinking that might be my next upgrade.
  8. Any Old Iron?

    Ah okay. I've just had a look at this http://gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTX-TITAN-vs-GeForce-GTX-770 It actually seems to perform worse on games than the 770, plus my 770 has 4GB of memory not the 2GB. I'm not sure I'd gain anything and certainly could get worse performance. Feel free to correct me, I guess I was hoping it was the Titan X
  9. Any Old Iron?

    I'm very interested I just need to check a few things. Which exact model is it please, I need to see if it will fit my case. Thanks for your help so far, appreciate it.
  10. Any Old Iron?

    I thought that card required a lot of power? I'm interested but not sure I can run it
  11. Any Old Iron?

    Anyone got an Nvidia 780 they'd let go cheap? or even a 980. Wanting to upgrade for a bit of extra FPS but don't want to commit to a full upgrade at the moment. Currently running a 770.
  12. Monitor Arms

    It's a 30 minute job to tidy up if that. Not counting drying times. Then how often are you likely to move your desk? When you move?
  13. Monitor Arms

    Solid wall. Permanent in what sense? 4 screw holes, you can fill them if you decide to move them.
  14. Monitor Arms

    I bought two Duronic ones similar to these but mine can come out a bit further. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duronic-DM65W1X1-Powered-Monitor-Warranty/dp/B00OWYJB8C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1482493892&sr=8-3&keywords=duronic+monitor+arm+wall+mount Can't recommend wall mounting enough, it' much cleaner and nicer than having a bar or stand on your desk.
  15. Advice on getting back into PC gaming

    Just an FYI, he's gone ahead and ordered a pre built from Scan computers. It's on his Facebook.