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  1. justplainandy

    The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    Y’know, I missed that. And again, it was internally set up to BE noticed. I blame the shitty seats we had.
  2. justplainandy

    The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    Right: Spoiler time...
  3. justplainandy

    The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    Counterpoint! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED The Last Jedi. I will hold my hands up as a Star Wars geek - it is so closely bound up with my childhood that it's hard for me to be properly objective. That said, I was utterly disappointed with the prequels, and as far as I'm concerned George Lucas spent the last years of his ownership of the property trying to ruin the original movies. But. I loved The Force Awakens. I know some call it derivative - I'd simply say it re-uses themes from the original. Last Jedi? again - some callbacks, but entirely a Star Wars Movie. And a Samurai Movie. I can see why some have issues with the pacing - I had no problem with it. Interesting to have a major threat as a creeping dread rather than a big bang.
  4. justplainandy

    Destiny 2

    Actually that changes at higher light levels. Exotics only go 5 higher. There’s no point in hanging onto engrams as they scale to the power level you were at when you acquired them regardless of progress since. also don’t forget the infusion process...
  5. justplainandy

    Destiny 2

    Hang on @bsoltan, I'm still rusty with this place... Is my understanding correct that you can't sell/trade at all? You just dismantle the stuff you don't want for the 'tokens' that you trade with the NPC to get more random loot? Quite a cool thing. Sort of - dismantling anything common or uncommon gets you Glimmer only. Dismantling Rare items gives you weapon parts which you use to rank up with the Gunsmith. Dismantling Legendary and Exotic gear gets both of the above plus Legendary Shards, which you use to "infuse" gear - in other words level it up. So you get to keep your favourite Legendary kit but make it better. I'm accumulating a lot of Glimmer, I assume that when you talk to some NPCs and they have 5/6 weapons and armour under their dialogue this is stuff you can buy with your Glimmer? Is there any reason to do that or is the stuff you get as rewards/drops fine? Glimmer is just for those purchases, really - and the random drops are usually as good, other than very early on. I'm trying to find a Destiny 2 wiki but there doesn't seem to be much info out there, anyone got a link? Nope! Armour wise (I don't know if it differs based on what class you're playing) is there an upper limit? Same goes for your 'Power' I suppose. See Barry's answer! Servers failed me this morning just as I was completing a few objectives which is annoying. Other than the main story, is everything else repeatable? All the objectives/bosses etc? Is there any disadvantage to repeating the same stuff or should I always seek out the ones I haven't done? This is where it gets interesting. You can repeat the Campaign Missions too, but as "Meditations" - speak to -errrr - "someone" after completing the campaign - these are like a New Game + version so they are harder to complete. If you complete all the Adventures on a planet - including some that pop up AFTER the campaign - then you usually get a decent reward - either an exotic weapon or a quest to get one. Errr I accidentally removed you, dude - sorry!!!! Please forgive me!!!
  6. justplainandy

    Destiny 2

    Ohhhh man - I LOVE the bit of the introductory mission that picks up after where the beta ends. The music is PERFECT - Kronos Quartet FTW. I’ve gone for an emo space wizard this time around
  7. justplainandy

    Destiny 2

    Oh - also: whilst the loot level goes Common - Uncommon - Rare - Legendary - Exotic (white - green - blue - purple - yellow), and it’s generally true that rarer=better, don’t automatically trash stuff if you get rarer items. I’ve got an Auto Rifle that’s only Rare, but is an absolute bullet-hose and really irritates people in PvP. I’m not telling you which one it is, though, you might use it against me...
  8. justplainandy

    Destiny 2

    Titan is probably a good choice for a new player, but really it boils down to what special abilities you want more than anything - all classes can use all weapons, but the Supers and the armour vary. I’ve mained a Titan Sunbreaker since TTK, gotta love flinging burning hammers that explode on hitting people... i think I’ll play Warlock on PC, they get the coolest looking gear. In terms of tips, you will unlock your first exotic item surprisingly early. For the Titan, one option is the Actium War Rig, a chest piece - if you have decided that you like Auto Rifles, get it and keep it - it reloads your weapon for you, effectively increasing clip size. Very handy. I’m DocAndyH#2484 on Battle.net.
  9. justplainandy

    Destiny 2

    GUESS WHO’S BACK, BOYS... Couldn’t resist a Destiny 2 thread. Some of you will already know that I’m... a little keen on Destiny. Oddly, I bought it when I bought my PS4, and after playing it for a couple of days forgot about it. I was then tempted back by The Taken King, and have been a fan ever since. I’ve also bred a further Destiny fan - my oldest son is as keen as I am - and consequently Destiny 2 was my first multi-format, full-price purchase. Having played D2 fairly extensively on PS4, and from an admittedly biased perspective, it’s FUN. The story is considerably beefed up from D1, and actually quite moving in places. It’s taken on a bit of the Ubisoft-style “collect all the icons on the map” gameplay, although not to an annoying degree. Weapons feel suitably chunky, with a reasonable variety - although not as varied as D1 (but then that had several expansions). Gameplay is exciting and can be challenging without being ridiculously hard. Multiplayer PvE scaling is really well done - you don’t suddenly face massively tough enemies because a higher level player has joined your squad, but equally they won’t feel like they are playing in God Mode. Crucible - the PvP element - is well handled as well. I rarely come up against people that seem to be cheating, and matchmaking is pretty good at putting you up against people of similar ability. There’s a reasonable range of modes and maps. The only thing I can’t really comment on is the stuff that demands a fully formed MP fireteam - the raid, and the Trials of the Nine - mainly as I don’t have enough friends playing on PS4 to make a team. Hopefully that’ll change with the PC version
  10. justplainandy

    Need a new tv.

    I'm on the fence about HDR in gaming, to be fair. Not convinced it adds a lot. The tech demos are pretty cool for film stuff, but even without HDR there was a scene with Eleven in the sensory deprivation tank in Stranger Things where the black areas of the screen were so dark it looked like the power was off. Incredible achievement on an LCD screen.
  11. justplainandy

    Need a new tv.

    T̪̲̱ͫ͝ͅḧ̼̣͇́ͩ̇eͯ͑ͨ̾ ̛̼̜̠͐͊̑i̥̣̖̗̭͖͕ͨ̌nͫ͐̓ͤ͗ͥ̍҉͉̦̲v̦̊̑̽ͫ͋͊o̲̹͙͖̗͇͓̒ͫͯc̸͇̘ͩͣ̐͑̔͑a̘̟͚͙͓̙t̴̼̲͕̭̦i̙̞̾̂͋ͫ̌̕o̩̎ͪͩn̉͌̋͏̞͚̙ ̊ͯ̀̄̓̑̿͠i͉̱̜̋ͩ̆ͣ̆͑š̳̟͈̹̻ͤ͐̂ͦͭ͂ ̩͖̹̲͇̻ͥ̔̐̾ͯͩ̒͟c͕̉͂ͧͫ̾̀o̺̬̪̖͊̚m̺ͮͦ̔̋͋̍p̷̭͂̋ͨl̴̹͎̤ͪ̒͒͌̍e̢̼̖͙̭̘ͤͫͦt̷̺̣͇̒̿̚e̥̟̽.̳̫̖̻͕ͤ̐͒͐ ̈́̍̉͏̮͙͈I̝͉͍̍̓͌̈͡ ̠̲̗̘̑a̟̰ͦͫ͟ͅm̖͈͕͈̄͘ ͓͚̖͇͚ͫͭ̊̽ͨ͌̓s̵̙̳̣͌ͭ͑͛͊ṳ̣ͧm̶̞͓̻̭̥̟̬ͬͮ̏ͧͬ̈́m̝̞̯͉ͦͯo̤͈̤̎ͨ̓̑n̪͇͖ͭ̌̚͠e̫̺̔̆͌̎ͭ͐ͧdͩͧͫ̏͜.̧̋͐ͮ͑ͥ.̭̫̗̣̉̒ͤ̆.̞͚͔̜͓̞̥ͯ̓ͧ̅̀͗ Ummm yeah - so where was I? Oh yeah - curved screen TV. To be honest, I've stopped noticing the curve - it's quite subtle, and it means my TV sits back into the corner of the room better, which is popular with the Mrs - she didn't think we needed a 49" TV. Reflections can be a bit of a problem, but there's a definite sweet spot in terms of sitting position that gives zero reflections, even in a bright room. Bear in mind that a lot of cinema screens are curved as well, now, which you don't tend to notice much. Curve would probably be a PITA if wall mounting though. Samsung are probably one of the go-to brands at present, the one Mus mentions is 4k ready which is a plus, the Samsung OS seems fairly intuitive although sometimes gets confused over inputs. Oh, and you'll want to turn HDMI-CEC OFF if you want to remain sane. Worth looking at somewhere like AVForums to see if there's a list of recommended settings as well.
  12. justplainandy

    Hug your loved ones...

    Cheers for the thoughts guys. And with regard to Twitter, Novi... I wouldn't say it was a "falling out" as such. As I recall, there came a point where our interactions on Twitter seemed to boil down, on quite a few occasions, to me expressing a positive sentiment about something - a game, a film, a piece of tech - in a general tweet to everyone, followed by you chipping in to express a negative opinion about whatever that thing was, and then being a bit reluctant to accept that any opinion other than yours was valid. To the point where I started to think you might be deliberately pissing on my chips, as it were. Now I know that was likely never your intention. But it seemed like more negativity than I could handle at the time, and so a strategic block was called for. That way, I reasoned, my chips would remain urine-free, and we could still interact on here. Essentially, it was a preemptive measure to make sure we DIDN'T fall out. No offence was intended.
  13. justplainandy

    Hug your loved ones...

    Right. Therapy time for Andy, so apologies but I kinda need to - well, vent isn't really the right word, and I'm not sure I can bring myself to "share". Over the weekend I had a very, VERY important reminder that a lot of the political upheaval at the minute is all essentially bullshit, and not what really matters. On Sunday afternoon I got a call from my wife to say that she and my youngest son had been involved in a car accident. A very serious car accident. She was obviously distressed, and panicky, and at one point when she said "I think he's dead" while talking about the other driver, I... I really don't want to think about what went through my mind, until I managed to get out of her that she was ok, and my son was ok, and the emergency services were there, by which time I was halfway out the door needing to get to her. As it stands, it was a lady in the other car, with young kids. The kids were seriously injured, the lady was killed. The lady just lost control of her car and spun into my wife's path. The police have viewed her dashcam footage and said it was in no way her fault, and there was nothing she could have done. But she still thinks maybe, what if, should I have... Not helped by some fuckwit comment on the news article about the crash saying "typical 4x4 drivers, think they own the road" like she wouldn't have done ANYTHING to be able to prevent the crash. My son is fine. Miraculously, wonderfully, perfectly fine, both physically and mentally. One bruise from a head on collision at 60. But it could have been so different. The political bullshit will work itself out. Hug the ones you love. They're what REALLY matter.
  14. justplainandy

    Brexit,in or out

    I've had a good night's sleep and I'm more optimistic. That doesn't mean I think things will all be rosy, and I still wish we'd voted in, BUT. I realised that when Mark Carney announced that the Bank of England was prepared, that those much-maligned "experts" around the world have had plenty of notice. I think the increased regulation of the banking sector after the last crash will help, I think central banks globally were ready to step in to stabilise currency globally, and I no longer worry (as much) that we'll see runaway inflation and crippling interest rates like we saw on Black Wednesday. Can you imagine a 12% base rate? So I think financially the global market will absorb the hit. However. I'm still terrified of the Little England mentality that led to a Leave vote for many, the willingness of people to swallow demonstrable falsehoods like the £350 million per week bullshit, and the fact that a man like Farage who was NOT an official member of the Leave campaign, and who came up with some of the most outrageous, offensive bollocks in the whole campaign, is STILL SOMEHOW RELEVANT.
  15. justplainandy


    The IAPs are only cosmetic items, though - the new characters and maps are going to be free.