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  1. What doesn't piss you off?

    Will do. It's a new apartment in the 'regeneration' area of the city in question. i.e. down by the docks (or what used to be the docks) Watch this space ....
  2. What doesn't piss you off?

    Exchanged on our house sale yesterday. Our purchase fell through, but at the last minute we found a great rental to tide us over. Moving date fixed for 3rd April. Broadband installation 10th April. There are 3 great pubs within easy walking distance of the new place. After 30 years and 6 months in London, we're relocating to the spiritual home of Bertie!
  3. Reviews

    What I mean is that the whole 'fps/vertical sync/monitor refresh rate/the eye can /can't see more than 60fps' schtick has been done to death imho. It would be nice to have a spat about something fresh, like ...... Never mind. I'll get me coat.
  4. Reviews

    This makes little sense to me. And I've never thought that disabling VSync was a disadvantage. For me, I always notice visual problems (tearing) with VSync off. While it's great to see some activity on the forum, raking up old chestnuts is kinda .... dull.
  5. I thought that was the rumble feature of your new computer kit?
  6. Reviews

    Good luck too! We think we may have bought a house, but as you know the whole process is so convoluted and weird that there's no guarantee. Imagine if buying a mouse was the same. We have the added fun of a long distance move - out of London after 30 years and relocating to the West Midlands.
  7. Reviews

    Love it. Thank you. I'm currently buying a house. Not quite so exciting, although I'm hoping for fancy lights at some point. Review to follow after the deal is done. In about 12 months on current progress. Enjoy your new kit!
  8. We're strictly looking for older properties - thirties, edwardian, victorian. Wouldn't touch a new build with a bargepole tbh. Although it would be great if we dld find a suitable purchase before we complete on the sale, if we need to rent initially then it puts us in a much stronger position when we do buy.
  9. Annoying yes, but not half as annoying as when you've had your own offer accepted but then someone comes in and gazumps! We took a very early offer on our house and agreed to take it off the market immediately. It was an offer so good we couldn't refuse! We've seen a few houses we like in the city we're moving to, but only one so far have we offered on. If it comes to it, we'll move into a rental pending a final purchase. I am expecting 7 shades of shit to be got through before then though. Oh and a slashing of my current broadband speed by about 75% Premier Inn - £50 a night on a corporate rate. View of the building site! It's a lovely area though. Hadn't been to Bristol before last summer, and this is now my 4th visit. Great city, but haven't had time to explore properly.
  10. It's not Finzel's, it's MINE!
  11. Spookily, I'm in a similar situation (and, more spookily, writing this in the centre of Bristol!). We've been on VM cable for the past 10 years, 200Mbps currently, and moving from London to the West Midlands and a non VM area in a few months. Not looking forward to going back to ADSL at all. If you do get the full speed as advertised, then you should be ok streaming 2 or 3 devices. My sister in the sticks was recently on a crappy commection that barely scraped 3Mbps, and I was constantly amazed that streaming worked a all and mostly without buffering. Unfortunately, as burp says, the reality may not be quite as good due to distance from exchange, internal wiring, local interference on the wifi frequencies ..... Best you can do is wait until you've moved, check the speed, and then see what you can do to improve things as required. Good luck!
  12. Yes! I would definitely go for that!
  13. What are you currently playing?

    Same here with shooters. BF1 is a spawn > die > repeat fest for me, which I can only play while drunk nowadays to prevent my rage quitting. I really liked the COD WW2 single player, but the multiplayer makes me feel as though I'm physically paralysed or something - I just can't react fast enough to do any damage to anyone. I've returned to my list of shame - currently Crysis Warhead (which look .... dated .... and runs on the highest settings) and Metro 2033, which I can only play in short bursts because otherwise I get bored shitless. Euro Truck Simulator is the only game thalt's not yet lost its shine. Which, maybe, says it all.
  14. Not quite, but it's on its last legs. All the young kids are on instabook or some such.
  15. The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    My niece (now 12) is now a full-on Star Wars geek. She's seen all the movies multiple times, and got up at 6:30 this morning to rewatch TFA In readiness for her watching The Last Jedi tonight - her first Star Wars at the cinema. We discuss pluses and minuses of each movie, the optimal watching order, and Lucas's decisions with the prequels. She has an encylopdeic knowledge of every character and plot point. I'm very proud to have inducted a member of the Centennial generation into the Star Wars Geek universe and call her 'My young apprentice'. May The Force be with you.