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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Got my Switch. Only got Zelda and a Pro Controller at the moment, so let me know your recommendations for other games and things. I'm thinking of getting the Gioteck Premium case for it on the go. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gioteck-Premium-Storage-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B01MYCRSG3 Already on my games list; Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 of course. Looking for anything that is going to be good handheld as well as on the TV.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Just how old are the kids? Hmm. I probably can't write that on forums. Sorry if it ends up on a watch list.. I'm very interested in local multiplayer and co-op with one or two consoles. Other than Mario Kart the only one I've played is Snipper Clippers.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    How do we not have a Nintendo Switch thread??!? Nintendo Switch Thread! Who's got one, what games do you recommend (other than the obvious Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart)? What accessories do you have, colours, options. Do you use it mostly docked or the convenient portable/handheld option? I'll be honest, I don't own one myself yet but have been keeping my eye out on second hand ones and hoping to get one soon. Hopefully it will see more action than my long neglected list of consoles, I'm expecting the portable aspect to help with that and means I can have my first Nintendo system since my reliable DS Lite.
  4. Reviews

    yes I had the same thought. although I can't remember if mine ended up coming with them or not. In reality they probably won't make much difference as a lot of PSUs come with them now. Something that I found useful to answer asthetic question was use an awesome feature that pcpartpicker has. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/builds/by_part/WrNypg You can find a part and then find people's submitted builds that use that part, the link above are all builds that use the 650W SeaSonic Focus Plus. It also allows for other modifiers such as picking your case/mobo so you can narrow down the spec.
  5. Reviews

    JonnyGuru do PSU reviews, both the 550W and 750W Seasonic Focus have been reviewed and get decent ratings: 750W - http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=524 550W- http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=529 EVGA PSUs get decent ratings at the moment, specially their G2 and G3 series. When I researched my build in Autumn last year I got an EVGA. I've heard Superflower are good at the moment too.
  6. Reviews

    Your monitor will only be displaying 60 FPS as it is 60hz that's very true. I was under the impression that no other changes would make a difference to the visuals/game performance hence why I had VSync enabled and fixed the output to 60FPS of my monitor. However the examples that SuPerNoVi links to explains that although you monitor is 60hz, by allowing the computer to generate images faster (not locked to 60fps) it will mean you have the possibility for a more recent image to load every time the screen refreshes. I found this the best explanation: I have now disabled VSync in games as there is no disadvantage unless you notice any visual problems.
  7. Reviews

    Mouse; Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye Mousepad: Steelseries QCK+ I got the QCK+ to try and I may get a QCK XL as a huge mouse for the desk when I finalise my setup. Also might get a few others second hand to try out. For the keyboard, I do like the idea of customisable RGB key configurations and the options to modify keycaps on other keyboards too. I've never had a mechanical keyboard before so I'm stepping into the world of that first of all. I've found a second hand Ducky Shine 3 TKL with MX Red switches which I'm going to get hopefully. Not as game orientated as the Razer or a Corsair but should set me up nicely to start with.
  8. Reviews

    Sweet tech and nice writeup, yay for the shiny. When I built my PC I thought why not get RGB things if it is an option.. not that I have activated it much. I've just bought a new mouse + mouse pad myself and I'm looking at a keyboard too. Got to overhaul my whole setup and environment to enjoy game more. Ultra Widescreen/21:9 is something I've considered too. Interesting you say that PUBG is OK as I'd been reading that it isn't natively supported and cuts off some of the top and bottom to give the width. And congrats on the nice profit from the figures. Sometimes these kind of things are a good investment.
  9. The New Fight Night Thread

    Soooo. Friday night, whos up for a game of something?
  10. Destiny 2

    I see, quite a way to go then. Does gear drop based on your XP or Power? Like most MMOs I assume there will be a good place/quests to go for getting better loot? What is the mid game like? I understand there is Crucible for the PvP and eventually there are the Raids/Fireteam missions. In between that is it just a case of moving around the worlds to see what you get from rewards? I was completing the Challenges on Io this week and they were all the same which was a shame. Specially when there aren't any other players and you have to solo! I'm enjoying it but starting to see where the grind/tedious part comes in. Also can @justplainandy get in here to answer the questions in my previous post.
  11. Destiny 2

    I'm not sure what that is, so I'm guessing I haven't reached it yet. I did two random Fireteam missions today and that is a lot of fun. I can see how with more gear and a coordinated group they become tactical. Is my understanding correct that you can't sell/trade at all? You just dismantle the stuff you don't want for the 'tokens' that you trade with the NPC to get more random loot? Quite a cool thing. I'm accumulating a lot of Glimmer, I assume that when you talk to some NPCs and they have 5/6 weapons and armour under their dialogue this is stuff you can buy with your Glimmer? Is there any reason to do that or is the stuff you get as rewards/drops fine? I'm trying to find a Destiny 2 wiki but there doesn't seem to be much info out there, anyone got a link? Armour wise (I don't know if it differs based on what class you're playing) is there an upper limit? Same goes for your 'Power' I suppose. Servers failed me this morning just as I was completing a few objectives which is annoying. Other than the main story, is everything else repeatable? All the objectives/bosses etc? Is there any disadvantage to repeating the same stuff or should I always seek out the ones I haven't done? Didn't realise I had that many questions. I also found the FPS counter hidden in the settings, getting decent performance (100+) with pretty high graphics. Everything looks gorgeous, specially the environments.
  12. The New Fight Night Thread

    Very much up for it, currently playing some PUBG and enjoying team games much more than solo. I need much more practise. Got Destiny 2 as well so can join up for that. In fact I've been lacking some good multiplayer action for some time so willing to play most things if I've got them. Usually online most evenings including weekends.
  13. Destiny 2

    A good friend of mine was really into the original on PS4 and I actually got a copy when I bought my PS4 but I don't put any time into console gaming sadly which means I've played very little time on the original, but heard a lot of good things. When I heard Destiny 2 was coming out on PC I was very interested, ended up getting a copy along with my GPU, and now I'm pre-loaded ready for the launch in the week. I'm hoping to get really into this as I haven't got stuck into a game for a long while (probably GW days if anyone remembers that!), and Desinty 2 should be right up my street. I've requested to join the clan, my battle.net id is bsoltan#2364 Hopefully servers will survive on Tuesday and I'll get to start a character at least. I'm thinking to roll a Titan first, I like the idea of the support aspect. I think that's what I had on Destiny 1. Looking forward to putting in some game time!
  14. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    Does anyone want to play some two/three/four team games this weekend?
  15. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    It can be quite easy to get near to the top 20 or so if you hide out somewhere quiet and make your way to the circles slowly. We'll have to try and play a squad game in a few weeks. I'm away until mid-Sept.