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  1. paulod

    What pisses you off?

    Finding my invite to the Battlefield V closed alpha the day after it finishes
  2. paulod

    What pisses you off?

    People who see a joke on Twitter or Fbook and rather than RT/share it they change the wording slightly as if they made it up themselves. And while I'm on about social media, my wife uses my fbook account to join the groups of every hotel we book a holiday for. This year as I've had a big (old) birthday we're going away 4 times, so she's added 4 to the list of existing ones. The number of posts I see from idiots asking "What's the weather like at the minute?" FUCK OFF, you're on the internet just google the fucker!!!!!!!
  3. paulod

    Nothing to see here

    I saw your post yesterday and was unsure how we stood on selling etc. I do agree however with your views on the game (I've not played it but don't think it's for me anyway), well not specifically that game. I'm waffling a bit here but what I'm trying to say is that sometimes hyped and well reviewed games just don't click with everyone. I found this out with GTA 4, I loved all the previous games and love GTA V but I just didn't like 4 despite all the reviews and everyone telling me I should love it.
  4. paulod

    Upgrade or new PC?

    From my limited knowledge I'd agree with Nige. Your cpu seems fine, could do with more memory but your graphics card is probably the weakest link, it's by no means bad but that's the obvious bit to upgrade for me. Only thing is as your card was pretty high end when you bought it you're gonna have to spend a fair chunk to get a noticeable upgrade. Both Nige's card and mine (RX480 8gb) are only around 10% faster overall, you'd probably need a GTX1070 to see a significant jump and they retail around £400 at the minute. My RX480 plays BF1 on Ultra @1080p no problem, if you're after 4k gaming you'll definitely need a GTX1070 minimum in my opinion.
  5. paulod

    The New Fight Night Thread

    I am thoroughly crap at it, still haven't killed anyone despite a couple of top ten finishes. Closest I got was finishing 4th, was hiding in a bathroom someone came into the building, I could hear doors being opened, waited for my door to open and got ready to blow them away... Had the gun on single shot rather than auto and promptly got killed Good fun though
  6. paulod

    The New Fight Night Thread

    Finally picked up PUBG so I'll try and join in next time
  7. paulod

    SSD Dead?

    Thanks for the replies. I've tried everything, including the power on/off method, it isn't recognised in the caddy so I can't wipe it. Guess it's joining the rest of my junk in the garage for a few years before it gets binned
  8. paulod

    SSD Dead?

    I bought a new ssd for my os a bout 6 months ago and cloned everything across from my existing smaller one no problem. After cloning I disconnected the old drive and it's been sitting unused in my case ever since. I decided as may as well use it for games due to load times etc and reconnected it but it wasn't seen in windows. Went into disk management and it's there but I can't initialise the disk. Stuck it in an external caddy and it gets recognised as a USB mass storage device in device manager but isn't showing in windows any other way. Tried on my laptop and got the same, my android console recognised it but obviously can't read it. So long story short has it died (it was working fine previously just too full) or is there some sort of conflict with it still having windows os on it?
  9. paulod


    I'm also buying a house, well I would be if every one we look at isn't immediately sold to some fucker else Good luck with yours Nige, hope your hunt is less painful than ours
  10. I've been in construction all my life so I'm fully aware of the problems with new builds . I've gone from civils to commercial and now actually doing executive (expensive!) housing development myself in partnership with an ex colleague of mine, only problem is there aren't any plots of land available in the area we want to be or I'd just build my own - that's still my goal once the kids move out and we aren't as tied to the same area as we are at present. One of the things about the site I mentioned is I know the NHBC inspector who is monitoring the site really well and he's notorious throughout the north east for being an absolute stickler (foof!). So at least I know the quality will be there on the shell, finishes aren't really NHBC problem and they are easy put right, the site manager will hate me if everything isn't perfect as I've probably been in the game longer than him Nice to see the foof monitor still working
  11. Yep it's a pain. We thought we were in a good position as we are mortgage free and don't need one to buy the house we wanted (providing we sold ours of course) but first thing we were asked was is our house on the market/ sold. No it wasn't as we hadn't seen anywhere we wanted to move to. We may go for a new build now there's an estate being built adjoining the one where we wanted to buy , the houses are quite big by new build standards and not too badly priced but they haven't released the plots we are keen on yet. At least once we agree a fee we can work to a date for selling ours, all the hassle reminds me why we haven't moved for 20 years.......
  12. I was almost willing to be a gazumper but they wouldn't even let us view, plus they are selling to a first time buyer (on a £350k property!!) so no chain etc as we need to sell ours before we can buy. Still it gets me out of the broadband problem for the time being
  13. Thanks for the replies but annoyingly someone put in an offer which was accepted before we even got a chance to view the property and it's now off the market They won't even allow us to view it and possibly put in a higher offer , we were due to view this afternoon and they rang an hour before our slot to say someone who viewed yesterday had an offer accepted - only came on the market saturday
  14. Looking for a bit of advice re broadband speeds from anyone not on fibre. Been looking to move house for a bit and the house we've picked doesn't have fibre We've been on virgin cable for years now, currently on 100mb package as 200mb was a bit overkill and it's been great, best we can get is 'up to 18mb' which is a bit of a drop sadly. I can live with the extra download time for games etc but was wondering what those speeds would be like for Spotify and streaming video across 2 or 3 devices. Would it work or be constant buffering? Thanks
  15. Yep due to lack of activity I've gone from checking daily to maybe once or twice a week. I'm probably as guilty as anyone for lack of posts but other than BF1 I'm not really playing anything on PC, having lost the urge to complete Ghost Recon Wildlands, so haven't got much to say.