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  1. What doesn't piss you off?

    Black Friday PS4 deals Picked up GT Sport for £18 and Uncharted Lost Legacy for around £13 plus BF1 Premium for £12. Some fantastic deals around today
  2. Yep I've had it for a while now, no issues and nothing hugely different to previous version
  3. What pisses you off?

    I buy all my clothes online however this week I've had a nightmare. Ordered two pairs of jeans 34 and 36, 34 nowhere near even though I have a same brand pair that fit fine if a little tight after holidays, 36 too fucking big!!!! Both going back Ordered a shirt, too big even though all sizing charts etc say that should fit me but it's a new brand to me so lesson learnt. Order another two shirts, same brand as above but two different sizes as 'slim fit' so thought I may be the larger size, both despatched with same tracking number, only one in package, the bigger size and it's too fucking big again and the size I need is now showing oos
  4. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    I've thought about picking this up but currently ploughing through Ghost Recon Wildlands so don't have the spare time atm. In response to your BF1 comment the new night maps do away with two of your biggest annoyances, snipers and planes, so worth giving it a revisit. (Snipers are still present but night map and trenches make them far less annoying/prevalent)
  5. What doesn't piss you off?

    Jesus, I've a couple of Tags and they were enough for me, those you linked are a whole different level
  6. Yeah that's what I thought but I now have six daily Mixes none of which include anything by either SLF or The Stone Roses. Strange thing is we have the Family account and they appear on my daughters where I have some stuff like Rihanna appear on mine that i've never listened to.
  7. Anybody use Spotify? I'm puzzled by my Daily Mix choices, none of which include my favourite band, loads of random stuff I may have listened to once or twice but none of my actual favourites even though I've followed them etc. Any idea what I need to do to make them appear in a mix?
  8. What doesn't piss you off?

    After changing my case fans last night my wife just rang me to say "There's something wrong with the computer" "What's up?" "It doesn't make a noise any more when you turn it on"
  9. Car Thread

    Have you recently changed a wheel and forgot to fully tighten the bolts? - speaking from personal experience here as I did it many moons ago in a works van.
  10. Overwatch

    Found the free weekend is on again so I'll try and catch anyone who is still playing. I play as support on BF1 so any tips on who to play as? Been using Soldier76 in training mode and seems to suit me but I'm open to suggestions paulod#21469
  11. Battlefield 1

    Ignore the above post I couldn't comment without it including a quote from Nige for some reason I think it all depends on who you're playing with, so much so that I've bought a PS4 copy as well as my pc install as more of my friends have the game on that format. I agree planes are a massive pain in the arse as there are no way to seriously damage them once they have taken out the AA, LMGs damage them but it takes a lot of co-ordinated fire to bring anything down which rarely happens. Also agree with Halrick on the depth issues, very little reason to grind for weapons - having said that some of the unlocks with the first DLC are painful to acheive - love my Chauchat though Battllepacks are a waste of time earning, can't believe anyone would actually purchase them. Regarding snipers just drop a mortar on their heads, soon gets rid of the hill humpers I'm still enjoying Operations and Frontlines though but it definitely helps to play with someone you know and can communicate with, games with randoms are too hit and miss.
  12. Need a new tv.

    I know Andy has recently got a curved screen tv, he doesn't seem to frequent here too often, I'll give him a nudge on twitter.
  13. Battlefield 1

    Anyone wanting to sample the They Shall Not Pass maps let me know and I'll add you to a party as non-premium members can now access the DLC via 'Premium Friends' or something like that. I should be on at some point tonight - Origin id Paulod1892
  14. What pisses you off?

    Caught a mouse last night in humane trap, took it a couple of mile away in the car and set it free. Got up this morning and there's another one sitting in the trap, great I'll free him on my way to work. Had breakfast went to pick the trap up and he's ate all the bait and somehow buggered off - cue hysterical wife and daughters