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  1. SgtDave

    SSD Dead?

    If memory serves me i had to download a 3rd party disk manager, might be worth a try
  2. SgtDave

    SSD Dead?

    I dont think its dead i think its solvable with disk management....but cant remember how as i had the same but thr other way around in that my new bigger ssd was in disk management but wasnt seen. Could it be to do with drive letters?
  3. Plenty of reading material for me here! Cheers for the link
  4. Is overwatch the cartoon esque gfx fps? If so it reminds me of Team Fortress, which whilst being one of Dear Wandys fave games back in the day I never got on with it! I want a games company to come up with a good fps shooter that doesn't have gun upgrades/perk bonuses and isnt a twitch shooter.....maybe a wild west/muskets type thing where accuracy of guns is a bit off to give us veteran gamers a bit more of a chance....or a few servers on these modern games where yoy can only gain access if your win rate/kill to death rate is poor to allow us to get to know guns/maps without the soul sapping spwan die spawn die scenario!
  5. SgtDave

    What are you currently playing?

    Its weird because i played hours and hours and hours of counter strike back in the day but nowadays i just cant be bothered to get through the learning curve or whatever it is. I guess its time for slippers and pipe! Edit: how do the yoof type on phones argghhh
  6. SgtDave

    What are you currently playing?

    Well true to my word.....well no not really. I am not sure what it is about fps multiplayer nowadays, i dont know if its because i am "old" or dont play many games nowadays but i just cannot compete in them nowadays. I just spawn, run around a bit and either die without seeing the enemy or see the enemy and fire a burst at them...then another then die from one shot from them. So i am still playing an old favourite, World of Tanks, as that is less twitch based. Mind you, with the release of new tanks and power creep (new tanks being introduced that are more powerful than old tanks) even this game is losing its shine! Did nuy the new CoD and kind of enjoyed the SP and dipped a little toe in the MP and enjoyed it more than any other recent MP fps. Also got project cars 2 but having difficulty getting my wheel to play ball so not really played that either
  7. I still lurk...probabky an illegal amount of lurking tbh!
  8. SgtDave

    The New Fight Night Thread

    I have PUBG but suck at it so can be your canon fodder. If i cant play then i would certainly watch a live stream because....i like to watch
  9. SgtDave

    Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    Ahhh cheers burp i will have to remember!
  10. SgtDave

    Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    I have hardly played it since i first got it as mostly everytime i go to play it, it needs updating! And the other reason is i always seem to pick a landing point that is then furthest point from the first circle!
  11. SgtDave

    Car Thread

    Kind of an impossible question to answer, it all depends on the state of the exhaust and how much its going to cost to weld.
  12. SgtDave

    What pisses you off?

    I had pretty much the same photo ages ago from dpd...might have posted it in here somewhere!
  13. SgtDave

    Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    Bought it , downloaded it, first battle i was picking up a gun and someone crept up and punched me twice killing me! I need more goes but i enjoyed the beta. The blue circle moves a bit quick and you can get caught out by it easily. Enjoying it
  14. SgtDave

    (M.2 Format) Bad Build

    This is my mobo http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5497#ov Gigabyte Z170 and it has it also (2 in fact!) But I'm also not sure what the benefits are (if there are any) between M.2 and SSD EDIT: Hmm after some quick reading it appears M.2 interface is more of a "for the future" rather than a "see the benefit now" thing. Its to do with the ports they use so a Sata SSD is limited to 600MB/s (the speed limit of the Sata port) which most ssd's don't get up to anyway whereas M.2 uses pcie and therefore has up to 1GB/s (the limit of a single pcie port). But obviously M.2 drives are more expensive. So I would say currently M.2 is not worth it at this time.
  15. SgtDave

    Good TV thread

    Well the grand finale of this series of Sherlock and......i was rather underwhelmed! It seems this series is in a far different place to the first two series and i'm not sure i like it. The only time i started to enjoy it was when Queen started playing (that avoids spoilers!!) Other than that there was nothing much left and as for the ending....