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  1. king_clueless

    Domain name registration & website templates

    Thanks gav, your answer is a big help actually. Word of mouth is always helpful and so I went with Fasthosts in the end. Used them before with no issue and you're not the only person on this forum who's had a good experience with them
  2. king_clueless

    Domain name registration & website templates

    Thanks for the shout Novi, appreciate the advice A friend is with Just Host so I will check them out too.
  3. king_clueless

    Domain name registration & website templates

    Bah! Can't remember who helped me then, do remember it tho Nah wasn't lego up the nose person. Wish I had been around to read that tho haha
  4. king_clueless

    Domain name registration & website templates

    Lego nose dude? Hmmm I don't think I am I think you helped me back in the DearWandy days though. I wanted to know how to get the soundtrack off GTA:VC - you did for me and hosted the file. Think that was you, the fireman dude who rides/rode a Aprilia Mille. That may be you . . . but then maybe I am the lego/nose dude and forgotten the context
  5. Hello everyone, Long time since I posted here but some may remember me. I am looking to register a domain name and make a landing/launch page website. I don't need anything amazing so website template builders are cool for me. However I'm stuck having read bad feedback concerning registering a domain name "for free" only to be tied into 2 year deal with said website builders. Should I look to register a domain separately with fasthosts or 123-reg and then link to wix/sitey? Or should I just go all in with Wix/Sitey whatever? Thanks for your help
  6. Hello all, A friend of mine is struggling with his BT line because it's dynamic and his access to work keeps getting blocked. He has asked BT to put him on to a static IP address but apparently this costs loads. Is there anyway through some sort of hardware/software he can ensure he's a consistent static IP address? FYI - he has a VPN connection work provided but this doesn't work. Honestly have no idea why that isn't the solution, I thought that was the whole point of VPNs ¬_¬ thanks for any help, lots of love king_clueless
  7. king_clueless

    Guild Wars 2

    And so after missing the jump on this game I finally got a copy thanks to bsoltan for flagging up Green Man Gaming who had found some digital licenses. Tried them at the weekend and they had none so thanks to Twitter and bsoltan I'm in! I'm trying something different this time, not going to play my usual play style (sneaking around in the dark, stabbing from behind or shooting from a distance). I'm playing as Asura, Engineer, Guardian, think that's right. Oh I'm playing a she and creating the character with my daughter to be in mind awwwwwwwww She's called "Izzclueless" (Claire and I like the name Isabelle hence Izz) Er anyway will take me a while to get up to speed with you guys but can't see me playing much else for a while. What's that? Borderlands 2 coming out? Shit think I may just have to quit work for a bit
  8. king_clueless

    What are you currently playing?

    Well I mean the game feels more like rugby league and less like union at times. Also switching players is as quick/automatic as it should be. I expect I just a little more time for it but it's the closest I'm getting to playing rugby nowadays. Ahhhh happy days
  9. king_clueless

    What are you currently playing?

    Man I've been on the Minecrack for months now. Threw it off to play F3AR which I actually really enjoyed, would def recommend getting it (on sale maybe) if you're a fan of the series. I used to love Monolith games but tbh the story made a little more sense in F3AR. After checking out my Gamers lament thing and having 42% played game I decided to install some purchases I've never got around to. Jonah Loma rugby was first on the list and I've enjoyed it so far. Not really like playing rugby (a bit too much running atm) but I'm getting there with it
  10. king_clueless

    32 Hour Gameathon For Charity?

    cheers Mad mate, much appreciated. Thanks to all for the kind messages on Twitter too. I played and completed F3AR to celebrate the announcement
  11. king_clueless

    32 Hour Gameathon For Charity?

    http://instagram.com/p/MyZO4RKSoe/ Hello friends Been quiet since my gameathon (a massive thanks again for all your support) and as you can see hopefully from the link above I had a good reason. Claire is pregnant Bad news is that Claire has already turned down the names Gordon, JC Denton and Nerevarine Hope to see you all online soon but so happy to tell you guys
  12. king_clueless

    32 Hour Gameathon For Charity?

    Hi guys Massive thanks again for the help and donations - it's turned out quite successful You can see how I'm getting on here: https://www.facebook.com/CAGameathon Or follow me on twitter
  13. king_clueless

    What pisses you off?

    WORD! The original was alright, funny find from the past. Now every **** is doing it. BTW KEEP CALM & DONATE TO MY CHARITY! lol joking
  14. king_clueless

    Carmageddon: Reincarnation - Kickstarter

    Yeah I saw this on RPS the other day. Looks an interesting project tbh. Wonder how it'll pan out.