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  1. gavpowell

    Kickstarter Finds

    I like this thread because it confirms all my prejudices about Kickstarter.
  2. gavpowell

    The Theatre Thread

    I've just realised I never updated this after seeing Salome by Oscar Wilde at the RSC in Stratford. This was absolutely sensational. Just...go and see it! for the love of God, go and see it! The performances are electrifying, the atmosphere created is utterly unique, the music(seemingly by one Perfume Genius) is hypnotic and the whole thing comes together in something like a religious experience. I have to see this again, I just have to.
  3. gavpowell

    Car Thread

    I am agreeing with you, because the one waving its credentials around was trying to rip me off and flog me "official" parts, whereas the one-man-band independent local bod just fixed it back into place.
  4. gavpowell

    Car Thread

    That reminds me of the "RAC-approved" garage that tried to rip me off on my Focus a few years back: "Oh yeah, your headlamp unit is loose, Ford want £120 for that, then there's.." "Hang on, even if I need a new headlamp I'm not gonna go to Ford am I? I'm gonna wander into a scrapyard and give them a tenner for a headlamp." Ended up taking it to my current mechanic, who screwed the headlamp back into place in about 15 minutes flat.
  5. Probably only for Shogun, this one, but we have some very knowledgeable members here so maybe not: Can someone explain to me the concept of electrically noisy appliances? They've been blamed for broadband issues in the past and homeplugs all cite noisy electricals as a limiting factor. I don't understand this - we have wiring standards and electrical safety standards, and surely most appliances follow a pretty standard design? So you get a kettle and it's 12V and however many watts. You plug it in and it takes electric from the supply, but it's surely not feeding anything back into the mains circuit? So how does it cause interference?
  6. gavpowell

    What doesn't piss you off?

    Well, I have now watched the first three episodes of series 10, and Lemons was the worst of the lot! The first two were a lot more like classic Dwarf, but Lemons had too many cliches and recycled gags for my liking. I'll give it another couple of episodes but so far, I still think they should have stopped at series 6.
  7. gavpowell

    What doesn't piss you off?

    I saw some clips of the first new series, and it was a lot better than the execrable Bck to Earth, but I think they should have left well alone, so haven't bothered.
  8. gavpowell

    What doesn't piss you off?

    Ah! I did remember the despair squid, but haven't seen Red Dwarf in a decade or so, so forgotten the finer points!
  9. gavpowell

    What doesn't piss you off?

    Which bit??
  10. gavpowell

    What doesn't piss you off?

    Election night. I think this is the first one I've really enjoyed, and the triumph of hope over despair was a delightful surprise.
  11. I have a Samsung netbook that died and that had Win7 on, so should be able to get the key off that for you, but meantime just install without entering a key, you'll get 30 days to activate.
  12. gavpowell

    Car Thread

    In other news, my mechanic tells me he can weld the two bits of my exhaust back together. Is this worth doing or am I better just getting a new exhaust?
  13. gavpowell

    Car Thread

    No wonder you lot told me Focuses are cheap to repair!
  14. gavpowell

    What pisses you off?

    Trip to Birmingham for the boardgaming expo and a bit of Oscar Wilde in Stratford - wonderful trip. Then my exhaust fell off on the M1 coming back up. Two weeks after MOT! RAC bloke says "Yeah, well unless it's actually leaking emissions, it can be covered in rust and still pass." What exactly is the point of these things if they're not comprehensive?
  15. gavpowell

    What pisses you off?

    Adobe Illustrator - admittedly I'm a total novice but it makes me want to set it on fire.