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  1. 2ney

    P8P67 Error - Options

    Thanks Nige / DJ I tried running the rig open with the chassis fans disconnected but still get the same issue. We haven't added any new USB devices recently... but I will try disconnecting everything USB apart from the keyboard and mouse. If we were to go down the rebuild options does anyone have any suggestions? I was tempted to do a small micro atx build..
  2. 2ney

    Car Thread

    Having worked in the automobile industry I can confirm that prices are steep in a lot of dealers. A lot of the time you are paying extra for the costs of running a bricks and mortar operation as well as opportunistic behaviour through asymmetric information from seller to buyer. I tend to find one I trust and stick with them and have done for some time. One of the worst for rip offs in main dealers is tyres, which is what I worked in. I once went into a main dealer to get a quote for one tyre and they quoted me £120 for one Marshall (a budget brand). I politely declined knowing I could get a premium tyre for about £70 online and elsewhere. On the car front I've just upgraded from a 1.6 Petrol Astra J SRI 11 plate to an Ex Demo 66 plate Vauxhall Zafira Tourer SRI 2L Diesel. Paid £14.6k for it which was a fairly good price. Best move ever having an MPV with the family now. Such a lovely drive too... Whilst I appreciate a nice Jag/BMW/Other Premium Saloon I can't get past the extra cost and the fact it becomes a target on your drive these days (which is a shame). I've somehow ended up on the Vauxhall train unintentionally too... despite hating the service in the past.
  3. 2ney

    P8P67 Error - Options

    Hi All, Hope all is well with everyone - been a while since I have been on these forums but I find myself with a bit of PC conundrum and would appreciate some advice / assistance. Recently my wife's PC (a build I did years ago) has started giving BIOS errors on start-up. The errors are either of the following two: "Chassis intruded! Fatal Error... System Halted "Chassis intrude please check your system fatal error" I have tried everything I can think of to fix it, including a flash of the BIOS to the latest version and actually swapping the BIOS chip out with a new one. The motherboard doesn't have a chassis detect option in the BIOS nor a jumper or port on it so you can't switch it off. It also seems to only give the error the first time the PC is switched on and you can get past it by restarting the machine - but it's annoying and I think it is the sort of thing that is likely to only get worse with time. Her system is an LGA1155 build, spec is below: Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i5-2500k Sandybridge (no OC) 8GB DDR3 across 4x2GB (Corsair) P8P67 Rev 3.1 Asus Motherboard AMD Radeon 5700 HD 2x 1TB HDD DVD Drive PSU: I think it's an Antec (was 85 rated at the time). Specs aren't top of the line and haven't been for some time as she uses the machine for office work not gaming. I know an SSD would help. So for advice - is it possible to get an LGA1155 motherboard replacement and if not what would be the best upgrade we could do for a reasonable price? Thanks C
  4. Hi All, So having not been using my pc for a while lately (had some house repairs to do owing to a water escape from a failed radiator TRV) I turned it on last week and noticed a high to low whine which I believe is coming from my CPU pump (H100i). Not sure what's causing it or how to resolve, but it seems to be more noticeable when the pc isn't under any load? My current setup has 5 SP120s linked into the H100i (4 on a rad and 1 above pump) as I replaced the stock fans. I have an Asus Gene vii motherboard so not sure if there is a setting on there I can change to assist? The latest version of corsair link is also installed. Any ideas? Thanks, 2n
  5. 2ney


    +1 to what madwedge said.. I have the Z and the G4me One headset comibnation. It is superb.
  6. 2ney

    Windows 10

    I think I need to do a clean install... ever since I upgraded and updated all drivers I have had the following issues: 1. Social Club wouldn't start (needs to be run as admin now). 2. Geforce Experience no longer applies graphics profiles to games, probably a permission issue. 3. Every time I scope out with FLIR on BF4 it goes to a black screen which it never used to do. 4. The TP-Link software I use no longer works. 5. My USB HDD keeps disconnecting and connecting again... (previously solved in Win 7). 6. Occasionally my SB software doesn't startup properly
  7. 2ney

    What pisses you off?

    Cheers. No it was in the day.... the van was partly hidden behind a bush on a down sloping hill! Revenue grabbing gits. Not sure if the vans do video?
  8. 2ney

    What pisses you off?

    going past a mobile speed camera unsure if I was slightly over at the time.... .... all on my birthday...
  9. 2ney

    Android Thread

    I currently have an ipad 2 (old one we use to take away) as I sold my Nexus 7. I have an ultrabook and desktop pcs plus an S5. I'm thinking of sticking with android as I have invested so much into it at present, and I actually prefer it to ios for a portable device.
  10. 2ney

    Android Thread

    The storage is because I have a combination of a lot of work, ebooks (work related) and magazines as well as some big hitting games with high installation sizes (1GB +). I want to be able to store the ebooks on the mSD and use the local storage for apps (as android no longer allows you to put them on an sd card). This is without even getting on to music / video and my 32GB nexus 7 was constantly maxed out and I got fed up of having to manage it. Ideally i'm looking for an 8-9 inch so that movies / video isn't too small. I'm starting to think I might have to get a bigger one and opt for the Z4.
  11. 2ney

    What doesn't piss you off?

    Missed this - nice one dude! Good luck man and well done to ya Thanks man!
  12. 2ney

    Android Thread

    I had a 7 and loved it but the 9 is flawed. For a start it doesn't meet my criteria for extra space (only 32GB internal). Other reviews seem to highlight the battery (performance and how long to charge up), the build quality and that there are some minor performance issues.
  13. 2ney

    Android Thread

    The tab S2 doesn't seem to be getting much good press at the moment. Anyone got any recommendations on a good android tablet ideally with 32GB internal storage and an mSD card slot and around 8inch+ screen? I really want to get the original tab S 8.4 but i can only ever find it with 16GB internal in the UK.
  14. 2ney

    Powerline Disconnects

    Not sure if I mentioned they were! Will consider sending back to Amazon but would have to send back both plugs and it seems more hassle as everything else is set up now! Regardless thanks Nige and all!
  15. 2ney

    Android Thread

    As far as I'm aware she's never updated her phone since she got it! It's only recently started doing this. She's ordered a replacement battery to see it that helps. All she literally uses it for is calls, text, emails and Facebook. Plus the odd picture. Is anything running in the background if you put on Android Task killer?