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  1. Blaupunkt


    Hi, has anyone played this game ? just been reading about it looks quite good, and I do like a turn based game to get my teeth in to! was hoping to find it in a game bundle.
  2. Blaupunkt

    System Shock returns

    Never played it, I do actually have System Shock 2, I was given a free steam key years ago, cannot remember where form now some website was doing some sort of promotion, might have to see if it will run on Windows 10!
  3. Blaupunkt

    New Printer or Suggestions For a Fix ?

    OK thanks will check it out! also will remember about letting the ink run out and not replacing it
  4. So tonight my Canon MG5350 would not print so I changed all the ink cartridges still nothing, it would go through the printing process but nothing was printed on the paper! after trouble shooting it and searching the net it seemed the printer head might be blocked with dry ink, so a couple of deep cleans and suddenly it turns its self off with no prior warning! Eventually it powered back up but then I started to get a error - UO52 incorrect printer head please use the correct one or words to the effect, no matter what work a rounds I tried I could not get it to work, so I powered it down and went off to work. Now I have got back in and the damn thing will not even power up! I guess the fuse could have blown but I don't see how, so I am looking at the possibility of having to buy a new one. I am only a very light user when it comes to printing things out, bits for work, documents for travel, the odd photo. Ideally I would like one with a scanner built in if possible, but do I look at inkjet again or look at the possibility of a colour laser printer, I have about £150 to spend.
  5. Blaupunkt

    Star Wars: Battlefront

    Has anyone tried this ? I know it looks great and all that but I am wondering if it only has short term appeal with very shallow game play I expect.
  6. Blaupunkt

    Windows 10

    So I took the plunge and upgraded to Windows 10 this evening, everything is fine now, did have a problem with no sound but a quick google sorted that out. My new problem, if that is the right word, I was going to turn WiFi Sense off but when I go to settings --- Network and Internet there is no WiFi tab to click, I only get the following - Data Usage VPN Dial-up Ethernet Proxy Any Ideas where the setting is or why its not there ?
  7. Blaupunkt

    Apple Thread (Fans And Enthusiasts Edition)

    OK sounds good, is handbrake free? Might give it a go this weekend!
  8. Blaupunkt

    Apple Thread (Fans And Enthusiasts Edition)

    So I am off on holiday in a couple of weeks and I am wandering what is the best way to rip a few of my old DVD's and put some shows/films on to the Ipad from my PC and will I have to use itunes?
  9. Blaupunkt

    New Graphics card.

    Ordered, since I dont play the upgrade game any more I figured this card will last me 3 years or so all things given I will get my moneys worth
  10. Blaupunkt

    New Graphics card.

    So about 30mins ago my old GTX 560Ti decided to wave good bye to the world, (currently using the misses PC) Was not exactly thinking of buying a new card any time soon, any good cards for about £250 or less ? would prefer Nvidia not bothered about SLI compatibility etc thanks for any suggestions!
  11. Blaupunkt

    E3 2015

    Totally agree with the highlighted bit, I imagine they will be releasing DLC fairly regularly.
  12. Blaupunkt

    E3 2015

    Was not really interested in Star Wars Battle Front but after watching that I could be tempted!
  13. Blaupunkt

    Windows 10 reservation yes or no?

    Lets hope it works the same way!
  14. Blaupunkt

    Windows 10 reservation yes or no?

    I am guessing if you need to re install it again you will not be able to get the free upgrade unless you can some how save the download to another disk, but would it still work after the offer has stopped ?
  15. Blaupunkt

    Unknown Clients on Router ?

    just been looking at the fing tool and it does not even show this "person" on the list of connected devices, also not sure how someone would guess the PW but still does not hurt to change it every now and again.