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  1. Halrick

    What Do You Collect?

    So, uhh, yesterday was pretty great
  2. Halrick

    What Do You Collect?

    Yup, it's a full size replica of the High Elven Warrior Sword from Lord of the Rings, specifically the bit in the prologue where the elves do the cool swishy thing. All United Cutlery replicas come with wall plaques. Most hang the swords vertically but this is one of a few that rest horizontally on a bracket. Mine are all boxed up since I'm renting and don't want to run the risk of tearing chunks out of the walls. They still need a polish every so often to prevent any tarnishing to the steel so I still get to appreciate them. Hopefully one day I'll have a sturdy wall of my own to rip apart. I know what you mean about the price hike. Weta statues used to be £150-£250 but nowadays they're £250-£450 with larger edition sizes. They've also started producing bigger statues, still in 1:6 but with mounted characters and they're pushing the £800 mark. Resale values are astronomical so it can be a great investment but getting into the hobby is insanely difficult.
  3. Halrick

    What Do You Collect?

    New toy! The guy I bought it from had a few massive Marvel statues (Loki, Female Thor and a few others). I can see why you like them, @burp.
  4. I immediately turned to Twitter thinking some sort of explosion had occurred in the local area but came up empty. A few minutes of theorising about neighbours slamming doors later and the reports started coming in. Very bizarre!
  5. Basically, we're all still here but haven't got anything important to say
  6. I still check in daily out of habit. Aside from Reddit and maybe a couple of news outlets, there aren't many sites that I visit all that often nowadays. Everything has an app
  7. Halrick

    The Film Thread (Use Spoiler Warnings!)

    I saw The Last Jedi last night and wasn't overly impressed.
  8. Halrick

    What Do You Collect?

    I may have spent more on this than I care to admit but it's BLOODY BEAUTIFUL! AND HUUUUUUUUUGE!
  9. Halrick

    The New Fight Night Thread

    Count me in for PUBG and Overwatch
  10. Halrick

    Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

    The more I see of this the more tempted I am to get it, though I suspect it'd be a flash in the pan kind of thinking.
  11. Halrick

    How much would you sell this build for?

    Oh, that's not worth anything. Better just keep it and pretend like you never thought about parting with it. REINHARDT, DON'T GO!
  12. Oh Maybe contact support about it? Surely it should be distinguishing between different user accounts/devices.
  13. The more you listen, the more they'll appear. You'll have just the one Daily Mix to begin with but once you've listened to a larger number of songs (i.e. given it more data) it'll get a better idea of the kind of stuff you like/might like and begin to put together more than one mix.
  14. Halrick


    Soldier 76 is your best bet for the basics, Lucio for healing and probably D.Va for tanking.
  15. Halrick

    What doesn't piss you off?

    My Excel process has been delegated to somebody else. It's no longer my problem. I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!