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  1. ThorZ

    PC/mouse problems

    been there since 7 good sir, its the most annoying setting EVER its really frustrating because it turns off the USB ports basically after a period of "inactivity" but im not convinced it actually works like that. But on a big power draw it will also try to suspend them IMO.
  2. ThorZ

    PC/mouse problems

    Hey so it COULD be the USB Selective Suspend setting head into control panel >Hardware and Sound >Power Options , what ever your power scheme is click on change plan settings the click on Change Advanced power settings. Once there open up USB Settings and then set the only setting in there to "Disabled" (im 99.9% sure you are not on a laptop so you should only have one) Other than that try using a wired mouse (even just a cheapo one) and plug it into the back of the pc to check if it gives you the same issue and as mentioned above also try your wireless USB in the back of the PC
  3. ThorZ

    New graphics card?

    Skyrim SE looks pretty bad for me actually, i must have modded the crap out of my previous skyrim edition.
  4. ThorZ

    Securing Sensitive Files

    until they send the password for the zip in the same email......
  5. ThorZ

    Securing Sensitive Files

    He is probably better off using a secure FTP like Acellion mate or something similar ( i think citrix purchased them) With regards to malware and ransomware etc, then your best bet is to ensure regular backups are taken away from the hard drive
  6. ThorZ

    Shared Folders and Passwords

    Are they all on their own individual work groups?
  7. ThorZ

    Shared Folders and Passwords

    i guess this depends , does the company have and active directory server or is it a local network? Right Click on the Folder > Properties > Security > EDIT (permissions) Add in the users with full access or limited. You can also change any existing permissions in there
  8. ThorZ

    Shared Folders and Passwords

    Not sure really but, Its likley you need to add the domain user accounts to the security settings. Its probably asking for an account that has domain administrator access?
  9. ThorZ

    Is This a Really Stupid Idea or What?

    That is usually the way hackers or potential ones start, get the 3rd party company breached then access to all their clients passwords. Its how most companies get done tbh. If you had the skills and no morals Gav you could do just that and royally fuck things up. You are sitting on a gold mine of information there.
  10. ThorZ

    Kindle - Any experiences?

    I have a Kindle Fire, and i usually have 3 books on the go 1x Kindle 1x Paperback 1x Hardback . When its cramped on the tube or im flying cattle class the kindle is perfect, you can also purchase scrabble on it and not have adverts (not that is matters to you) Ill never stop buying books but i usually take a punt on the cheaper deals for kindle and find myself reading other genres of books i never thought i would. It is annoying that some of the kindle books are just as expensive as their physical copies though.
  11. ThorZ


    Im gonna try it out on friday night, im currently trying to get used to the PS controller as its been a while since ive used one !
  12. ThorZ


    I just got it on PS4 (mainly due to work colleagues all playing on it on there and i can use voice eventually) looking forward to playing it and attempting to FPS on a control pad :-(
  13. ThorZ

    All things football chat related

    I put a bet on Wales to top the group and win the euros.
  14. ThorZ

    Brexit,in or out

    Norway is a really expensive place to live
  15. ThorZ

    All things football chat related

    Anyone watching the Euros? Im really not into it this year for some reason an i dont know why. Watched the England game and think we did ok, would have been better if sterling was off the pitch as he was the weakest player, forever giving the ball away.