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  1. grrrpoop

    PAYG Suggestions - Need a UK nano SIM

    Hey guys, need some suggestions on UK mobile phone SIMs / Pay As You Go plans. Visiting Newcastle for 3 weeks and I have an unlocked iPhone 5 on AT&T that needs a UK nano SIM. My wife has an iPhone 5 with Verizon (SIM isn't locked to them though, which is nice). I barely know where to begin...
  2. grrrpoop

    Xbox One Discussion

    Watching new Xbox Reveal. Patiently waited 15 minutes for it to start, making breakfast. Sit down with 1 minute to go. Screen changes and new counter appears. 8 minutes. WTF? Anyway, just making a thread for people to comment on announced features, games, pricing, etc. -edit- Watching...
  3. grrrpoop

    Mature Rated Games And Your Kids

    Curious what the consensus is on this. My brother-in-laws quite happily expose their toddlers to Gears of War. Extended family do the same (Black Ops and others). I think it's fucked up and they're doing it for an easy way to keep them occupied while enjoying games that they should be playing...
  4. grrrpoop

    Films You Can Watch Again And Again And Again And Again...

    I'm testing out a new media streamer, pulling video from my NAS over the network. There are some films I always use, not really for any technical reason, just because I know I can sit and re-watch them (often not planning to) without ever getting bored. My list includes: 2012 Knight and Day...
  5. grrrpoop

    Bing Rewards / Xbox Live Rewards

    Yeah, this sounds a bit spammy but I'm not gonna throw a referral link at you, just a heads-up. A couple of months back, I signed up for Xbox Live Rewards, which is basically free Microsoft Points to spend on Arcade games or in-game purchases. Not sure what kind of criteria they use but I get...
  6. grrrpoop

    Buying A Car

    Me n the wife are in the market for a new car. Looking at new and used under $20k. Got it narrowed down to the following: 1. Scion IQ 2012 (new) $16.5 k 2. Kia Soul 2010 (used) $17.6k 3. Mini Cooper 2006 (used) $16k 4. Mini Cooper S 2008 (used) $18k Test drove the Mini Cooper, Kia Soul...
  7. grrrpoop

    CryENGINE 3.4.0 SDK released / first look

    This is the engine Crysis 3 will be powered by: Not a fan of the Crysis games (never played them) but I love it when new game engines surprise me. The old dude's face is incredible, as are the water effects.
  8. grrrpoop

    Fitness Thread

    Remembered we used to have one of these on DW, where we could share tips, ask questions and generally moan about being fat and out of shape. :P Finally got my grubby mitts on a set of PowerBlocks. Went with the PowerBlock Sport 9.0, which goes from 5-50lbs in 2.5lb increments. Can later be...
  9. grrrpoop

    Flash on Mobile platform in its death throes?

    Adobe abandons mobile Flash support to focus on desktop and AIR: They also laid off around 750 staff:
  10. grrrpoop

    Buying Advice: Blu-Ray Player [standalone]

    Been wanting a BD player for ages but don't really need one. But I have exactly enough birthday money to buy a decent-ish one. Looking at the following player: Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Amazon linky Comes with a free copy of Avatar. Supports Amazon Video on Demand, which I get free with Amazon...
  11. grrrpoop

    Anime | Manga | Comics

    Thought it's be worthwhile recreating this, especially given some of the exciting stuff that's happening. One Piece Episode 517 sees a 2 year time skip taking place (kind of like the transition from Naruto to Naruto Shippuuden). We get hints of new powers for some of the characters but...
  12. grrrpoop

    Antivirus Solutions: Best Free / Paid?

    Yo! Recently had Activation issues with Vista x64 due to a conflict with Avast! 6 Free / Home Edition. On the lookout for a new AV solution with small memory footprint that doesn't get in the way (which avast! was perfectly good at until v6). I'm looking at Free options like AVG, Avira...
  13. grrrpoop

    Currently Listening To..

    Recreating this thread just to admit to my obsession with: Nicki Minaj - Super Bass ..and I would wreck that chick.