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  1. paulod

    Wifi Help!!!!

    Not sure how many still frequent the place but hoping for an answer Got some weird issue with my wifi adaptor since upgrading motherboard which I'm guessing is a driver issue. The motherboard is a asrock fatal1ty b450 k4 and my wifi is a TP Link ac600 nano usb thing. All worked perfectly fine...
  2. paulod

    Battlefield V

    Open beta early access started today and I'm pleased to say it's a big improvement on the alpha. Much easier to see other players and the Rotterdam map is excellent, played about a dozen games on there and only had one or two long range headshots. I'm still not too keen on the Narvik map, the...
  3. paulod

    SSD Dead?

    I bought a new ssd for my os a bout 6 months ago and cloned everything across from my existing smaller one no problem. After cloning I disconnected the old drive and it's been sitting unused in my case ever since.  I decided as may as well use it for games due to load times etc and reconnected...
  4. paulod

    PC random shut downs

    I've ran into a problem in the last week or so where my pc shuts down as if it's overheating then won't restart at all for a few minutes. I've checked the temps of cpu and gpu (using CAM) and both are fine even under stress of playing BF1, cpu maximum is around 60 degrees and graphics card hits...
  5. paulod

    Origin account

    Went to play BF4 today and was informed that my account was already in use, strange, my daughters laptop is linked to my account but I knew she wasn't on. Anyway logged in and kicked other user offline, thought it was just some bug.  Got on a server then got kicked after a minute or so, tried...
  6. paulod

    USB 2.0 Speakers

    My aging Logitech Z10 speakers are becoming increasingly temperamental and I'm on the lookout for a replacement set. I can't seem to find anything similar - mains powered but USB connection for sound - anyone aware of something similar out there? I don't think the USB powered type are powerful...
  7. paulod

    Replacement Mouse

    My aging Razer Diamondback, a freebie from PC Zone way back appears to be dying :( The scroll wheel sometimes doesn't scroll, I thought initially it was a browser issue but after trying edge I'm having similar problems. Any advice on a replacement? I find the size of the diamondback perfect...
  8. paulod

    Wifi speeds

    I'm sure there must be an obvious reason for this but my wireless devices - iphone 6, ipad air, nook Hd+, Kindle Fire etc - all max out at around 20Mbps on speedtest whereas my wired connection is around 106Mbps. I'm on Virgin Media and use there own 'Superhub' for wireless connections, should...
  9. paulod

    Recover deleted outlook .pst file

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllpppppppppp!!! I manually deleted my outlook pst file as my ssd was getting rather full and I thought with everything being available online through virginmedia webmail I wouldn't need it. Problem is I've got a shocking memory so stick anything of any importance in my...
  10. paulod

    Coffee Machines

    Been thinking about getting a coffee machine, one of the pod types, so basically just looking for any recommendations.  Looking at either a Tassimo , nespresso or dolce gusto type, mainly for the wifes lattes, anybody got any thoughts? Mods feel free to stick this in the 'Questions' thread if...
  11. paulod

    Intel cpu testing - Help

    After experiencing numerous problems with BF4 which were partly resolved by the recent patch I am still getting the occasional BSOD/ restart when trying to play the game.  Everything else plays fine, notably Titanfall beta, and the most demanding other game I have is probably AC4 which also...
  12. paulod

    HDD not seen by windows

    Further to my post re self assessment in the WPYO thread I need to access some files on an old sata drive which windows 8.1 doesn't seem to want to see. The disk shows fine in bios but when opening disk management I am asked to 'Initialise Disk' neither  MBR or GPT option does anything and the...
  13. paulod

    i5 4670K or AMD route?

    I'm looking to upgrade my pc and been looking at an i5 4670K but is it worth considering AMD in the same price bracket? I need a new motherboard and memory anyway so can go either way. Got a GTX 670 rather than AMd card if that makes any difference. Cheers
  14. paulod

    New Graphics card for around £150

    While playing BF4 I'm not getting great frame rates so I'll be needing a new card to replace my GTX 460. Been looking at GTX 660's specifically this one which seems to be...
  15. paulod

    Windows 8 Refresh Problems

    Had a looping BSOD/ sad face last night so went into the repair options from my Windows 8 disc and after trying a 'repair' with no luck I went for the 'Refresh' option which promised to keep my files and settings etc.. Only it didn't. I ended up with a windows.old folder like you normally get...
  16. paulod

    Speaker Volume 'locked'

    Somehow my speakers (Logitech Z-10 usb) appear to have locked the volume control. I've uninstalled, reinstalled software, checked that they are default playback device but i'm stuck. I can alter volume through sliders in programmes and via volume mixer but can't change it by pressing the...
  17. paulod

    Laptop Choice Help

    Looking at picking up a cheap £300 ish laptop for my 12 year old daughter for xmas. Primary use will be playing Sims 3, itunes use, watching movies and odd bits of homework. Found this http://www.sainsbury...=cj&AID=1546795 which seems quite decent spec for the price, the main thing confusing...
  18. paulod

    Transfer Money Abroad

    I need to transfer some cash to a friend of mine in Belgium but my bank want £25 for the transaction. It's only for 90 euros so I'm unwilling to pay 33% extra as a point of principle. There seem to be loads of options but I'm not sure what's the safest/ most cost effective. Any recommendations?
  19. paulod

    Pdf Printing Help

    I'm trying to print a section of a pdf file but when i select 'current view' I'm getting large white borders around the outside of what i want printed which defeats the object. It only appears to happen to one file, any ideas? EDIT: Found it, feel free to delete
  20. paulod

    Network Splitter

    I need to connect my sky box to my broadband connection to allow access to sky anytime + I have a homeplug behind the TV which has my PS3 connected to it and was wondering would a splitter allow me to connect 2 leads to the homeplug point? Only one device would be on at a time, I've seen some...