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A very interesting article. I'd heard Steam were working on a VR Headset, akin to Oculus Rift but didn't know how we'll they've developed it!  Definitely one to keep an eye on!

SteamVR hands-on: Valve overtakes Oculus


It’s tricky to compare Valve and Oculus’ headsets based on memory alone, but I think Crescent Bay has a slight edge when it comes to the screen. Both headsets refresh at 90Hz, but the Oculus’ screen is a bit clearer, with smaller pixels and a comparable (maybe slightly wider) field of view. SteamVR is still miles ahead of the Oculus Rift DK2, but the subpixels are noticeable, as are the gaps between pixels. Some combination of resolution and optics makes the Crescent Bay screen a slightly better experience, but both are high enough resolution to be comfortable to view and immersive with the right combination of sensory experiences.


Beyond the screen, though, I think SteamVR is ahead of Crescent Bay in every way that matters. The tracking worked flawlessly in my demo. I could move my head to look around and walk around my small room to explore the virtual environments of Valve’s demos. Oculus has repeatedly said that the Rift is a “seated experience,” even though they demo Crescent Bay standing up. Valve, meanwhile, is embracing the potential of standing up and walking around. The smartest feature of their VR software is a bounding box grid overlay that appears on screen when you approach a wall in the physical world. With the consumer headset, you’ll be able to precisely define the walls of your room, and the positional tracking system will alert you when you get too near to one. Another smaller area is highlighted around your feet to show the recommended “safe zone” for walking, well away from any walls.






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