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Media PC / NAS / Home Server advice


Okay so currently I have a Acer RL70 which does a great job of being my home server media PC. The problem is I'm running out of external storage and I want something a bit more flexible. I don't want to add more USB hard drives.


So I've drafted this spec up: http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/2TGDR8M95BAAP


AMD APU A6-6400K Black Edition (3.90GHz Richland Dual Core Processor
MSI A88XI-AC A88X GBE Mini-ITX AMD Motherboard (2x DDR3, 4x USB3.0, Socket FM2+)

HyperX FURY Series 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10 DIMM Memory Module - Black x2

Samsung 2.5-Inch 120 GB 850 EVO Solid State Drive

Corsair Builder Series CXM 430W Modular 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX/EPS PSU

WD Red 3TB for NAS 3.5-inch Desktop Hard Drive - OEM x2


The case I'm torn between the 

BitFenix BFC-PRO-300-KK​XSK-RP - Prodigy Mini-ITX Cube Case - Midnight Black

or the 

Fractal Design Node 304 Case for Computer - White

leaning toward the BitFenix though.


My current setup all lives in my living room, so I'm assuming this isn't going to be any noisier. Any thoughts on improving the noise though are appreciated.


So am I missing anything obvious? Is this underpowered, overpowered? Fine for downloading whilst watching full 1080p videos?


Would really appreciate the advice :)

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Are you planning on just streaming videos or do you plan on transcoding them over your network?


You planning on a RAID set up? And what NAS software are you planning on using?


No streaming planning on plugging it into my TV. May open files over VLC on laptop but that works fine. No raid, no NAS software just Windows 7.


I don't believe in RAID. I'll use my current 3TB external drive for automated backups of important files.

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That's just how my system is set up at the moment behind the TV in my living room.


I'd say ditch the SSD as with a new install on a good HDD it will boot up fast anyway, and you won't be filling the system full or programs apart from VLC/MPC and a decent codec pack like CCCP so it shouldn't slow down at all. Also if it's set up like mine then it will just go into 'sleep' mode and boot up on mouse move.


You could get a full system, something like this (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WINDOWS-7-PRO-FAST-VIGLEN-TOWER-COMPUTER-INTEL-i5-650-3-20GHz-4GB-DDR3-320GB-/121552370837?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c4d15fc95) off eBay for £180 with an i5-650, which comparing it to the AMD A6-6400K ( here) is better in more ways than one.


If the case of something like this isn't to your liking, which it isn't the nicest and it's not the worst i've seen, then you could always grab one of the cases off Amazon to smarten it up if it's on show :)


As for cooling and quietness i'd recommend you invest in Noctua Case Fans and replace the CPU fan with a Noctua too (plenty of guides online for this). They are a standard for any quiet builds, especially if you throw in a controller and let it do all the hard work spinning up and down.

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