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The Official Fight-Night Friday Thread

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Have any of you tried DayZ yet? You need to buy ARMA2 Free from steam, and buy ARMA2 Operation Arrowhead..think it's about £12 on Steam, but might come into the sale hopefully.

It's utterly awesome, it's really like playing the The Walking Dead....the map is MASSIVE, I reckon it'd take a good 2 hours to run around it's circumference.

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Edit: 2 What do you know, Operation Arrowhead is now on Steam sale for £8.99!

Note: I'm lead to believe you don't get all the high res textures if you use the "Free" ARMA2 base install, as such you might prefer to buy the Double pack, Combined Operations, which is the original game + operation arrowhead for £15 in the Steam sale currently.

You only need to FREE version on steam (search for ARMA II Free) and the Operation Arrowhead stand-alone expansion. So it's £12 to be able to play it, so worth it through. It's very hard to describe without playing it, it's very much in alpha, but as far as alpha's go, it's very playable and great fun already.

Basically you install the above (from Steam), download the "six launcher" from here: http://www.six-updater.net/

Open it up, and it downloads and installs the mod automatically through the launcher, checking for updates when you first open to start a game.

What makes this game special is it's persistance aspect. Quit a server and join another and you'll start exactly where you left your character from the previous game. It also has full day/night cycles based on the real time that the server is located in - so join a UK server set to GMT at 10pm and it'll be dark (and I mean pitch black). You find yourself wandering around with a torch in the middle of forest not knowing where the hell you are, using your natural instincts, the moon and stars, and landmarks to get your bearings - it freaks you right out, very immersive.

As well as zombies (which respond to gun shots), your worst enemy can be other players killing you for your equipment or bandits, human controlled players who treat the game like mad max. Basically it's a sandbox with emergent gameplay. I've seen videos of people in attack choppers, buses, jeeps, boats. It's no exaggeration to say it's like playing a part in a game of the walking dead, it's total awesome and addictive on a level to minecraft I would have thought.


Forgot to mention the survival aspect, you can die of thirst, hunger, the cold, an infection or bleeding out. All have an indicator, blood starts at 12,000 - get shot or attacked and you'll bleed until you apply a bandage, if it goes below 8000 you'll start to have effects (shivering, reduced colours in your vision, heavy breathing which makes you more visible to zombies). Fall off a buildign and you'll break a leg, passing out for a while before coming too and shaking, dragging yourself across the ground in agonising anticipation of bleeding out....now read the story below and it'll make more sense :)

To give you a better understanding of how the game can play here's a example of someone's experience in the game (the web is littered with them by now):


To give you an idea of the scale of the map:


It's the biggest single level I've ever seen by a country mile, and that includes things like GTA4

If anyone does end up playing it these will be very useful:





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I'm not interested in it in the slightest, although I'm close enough to hear Danny Boyle's cows mooing (almost).

However, my current injury kept the wife awake all night last night (no, not that!).

She will fucking kill me if I even boot up my PC and then not sleep again tonight due to the pain.

a drinking game is do-able though.

I shall take a draft every time:

Boris Johnson makes a complete cock of himself.

David Cameron ditto.

Nick (Wormtongue) Clegg ditto.

Some foof says 'It's the greatest show on earth!' (if it, then where are the clowns? Oh wait.... see above).

I see a MacDonald's sign.

I shall be out cold by half nine I should imagine.

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For sure.

But given that concession I would add to the list:

Someone says 'This is what makes Britain Great'

Someone says 'It's a once in a lifetime experience'. (like death?)


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Most of the predictions have already come up I think.

The countries are trotting out so slowly I shall be sober again by the time Zimbabwe comes out.

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