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Mumble Server Details

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So the Mumble server we've been using for a while has now gone. It was rented by a friend of mine who just shared its details.

We've always thought of getting our own one, so I think now's the time. Who'd be interested in renting a server with me. Obviously you get admin rights, as useless as they are :P

Server Details:

IP: mumble.computersnstuff.co.uk (

PORT: 16312

PASS: the name of our old forum (no spaces, small letters).

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So I was just checking multiplay for prices and found that they had a 50% offer off voicecoms, so I just bought a one year sub for 20 slots, all for a grand total of £14!

Anyone who wants to help towards this please let me know and I'll give you my PayPal address. In the meantime, it's preliminarily setup and working!


PORT: 16312

PASS: the name of our old forum (one word, small letters).

I'll setup channels etc tomorrow.

Barry, could you set something like mumble.computersnstuff.co.uk to point to it? Might be useful.

PS: voicecoms is the main reason I love Friday fight nights! It's so much more fun losing at a game while giggling away with you lot.

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I've added a few channels: Guild Wars (by popular request), Battlefield, Left 4 Dead, and White Noise.

As you know the channels aren't necessarily unless by some freak accident we get a full sever :P

Just let me know and I'll add/remove more.

I've also got the following people confirmed to pay:


justplainandy (much nicer handle btw :P)





That's seven of us including me, meaning a massive £2 each. If everyone else is happy, I don't think we need more money contributions? Once we've agreed I'll send you my PayPal address.

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