Review Policy

Last Updated: 11/04/17

We’ve had several questions with regards to our Review Policy so this page will contain our up to date policy on Reviews.

Scoring System

Our Scoring System is out of 10. No scoring system is perfect, and in a perfect world, there would be no scores and people would just read the text. However, we belive that the tried and tested Out of 10 System is the best fit currently.

The Words

All Reviews are the authors work with no influence from the editor or site owner. No scores will be changed by either the site owner or editor – the authors decision is final. The only time an editor will make any sort of change to a review is to tidy up grammar/spelling and only after discussing this and gaining the authors approval.

Obtaining Games

Where a publisher has sent us a game, this will be made clear, as it will be if we have provided the game ourselves. If a reviewer has a relationship with a developer/publisher that could effect their ability to accurately review a game then they will be asked to not review that game.

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