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Review: Subsurface Circular

Publisher: Bithell Games Developer: Bithell Games Format Reviewed: PC Provided By: Purchase by Reviewer Price: £4.79/$5.99   Very few games make the act of conversation exciting. While many games have dialogue, they use it only to support the overall narrative or to justify the main source of gameplay. They use it as a tool and ignore the possible […]


Bits n Pieces – BoB Came In Pieces debut trailer

Bob Came In Pieces looks to be an effortlessly charming about an alien who crashes on a planet (as they all do).  Said alien then has to rebuild his ship and escape (as they all do).  Said escape attempt must take the form of numerous physics puzzles (seeing a pattern here). Due shortly from Swedish […]

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Independent Game Rush – Braid, The Maw, DHSG news

Lots of sudden indie news out there… Firstly, Braid is coming to the PC via. Steam, Impulse and (unless I missed the announcement) a further un-named service (probably Greenhouse, see below) for the sum of $14.99/£9.99/€12.99 on March 31st (well, that’s the Steam date anyway). In addition, Hothouse Games, of Penny-Arcade Adventures fame, are handling […]