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May 6, 2010

‘I built that’ – Engineer TF2 update imminent

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February 26, 2010

New U(I) – Valve Beta test revamped Steam interface

We all love Steam…

Too a PC gamer, its the electromagical love-child of a best friend (because everyone else hates us because we’re apparently evil pirate ninja cowboys) and that nice local storekeeper who used to give you lollies when you were younger (yes, him – no, not his bitch wife who actually hated the idea of children and instigated that ‘Maximum 2 youth at once’ rule).

Now, Valve, in a long overdue effort to make it much more lovely, have finally rejigged a lot of things wrong with its aging interface.

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February 9, 2010

Sparky – Rocket Knight Reboot Concept Art

Rocket Knight Adventures was a good Mega Drive game, often quoted when discussing platform greats (alongside other memorable offerings as Gunstar Heroes).  There’s a reboot coming (as is the trend these days) and here’s some concept art for it…

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December 13, 2009

Making TF2 fun again! – Crafting announced, Soldier/Demoman rivalry

It’s WAR…

The Demoman & Soldier have been getting a little too friendly lately.  What with the Administrator being a bitch and stuff, she has initiated the WAR update.  Since Friday, the two classes have been at each others throats, slowly adding to a omnipresent counter with each successive exploderised body part.  Too the victor, the spoils – a special fourth weapon to compliment the typical three-weapon update cycle the previous classes have received.

The tin-hats are currently blatting the cyclops by nearly 20,000.

Oh, and there’s Crafting too, so no more worrying about the awful random weapon drops or achievement whoring to [...]

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