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June 18, 2009

What did GOG start?!: GIG founded – bringing WoG to retail in EU

Mastertronic (that lovely bunch of budgety wubble bunnies founded in the early 80’s) have unveiled a new initiative & product line called Great Indie Games.

Aiming to do for the independent developer types what Good Old Games did for the abandonware movement (with a similarly catchy acronym) – get them into places where nobody ever thought possible – in this case, retail!

Read more for details & nitpicking!

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January 21, 2009

My Goo’s got no ears…

…so how could it possibly hear the official World of Goo soundtrack, freshly composed by Kyle Gabler of 2dBoy fame?

Featuring tracks taken straight from the game and a few remixes thrown in for good measure, you owe it you your iPod/Zune/Zen/insert commercial portable audio performance device here to download it now and dance down the street like a loon to Tumbler…

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January 7, 2009

CNS List-o-tron-o-matic – Our Best Of 2008

Because we’re having a slow news time, what with there being a typical post-christmas lull, a global recession and nothing but a load of announcements & promises in the form of press releases (coupled with the fact we forgot to do it in 2008), here’s the CNS Best of 2008

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November 12, 2008

World of Goo heads to European shores (officially)

RockPaperShotgun have nicely pointed out that 2D Boy‘s magnum opus, World of Goo, is heading for final approach on european shores, with both Retail and Steam releases imminent for PC & Wii/WiiWare.

If you haven’t already bought it direct from their online store (you know who you are, heathens), then expect to find it boxed in-store by the end of the year.  Good Times!

On a related note, the above article includes a quote from 2D Boys Ron Carmel that of the ~150,000 people who have played the game, over 90% are pirated copies.

Sad news indeed, which only gives weight to the faceless corporate types who brand PC gamers as pirates unwilling to pay [...]

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