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GOG surprises everyone with Arx Fatalis
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GOG surprises everyone with Arx Fatalis

by Andrew BryantDecember 5, 2008

Leave it up to GOG.com to surprise us again with more well priced DRM-free stuff.

Firstly, they give us a game out of sequence (announce on Thursday for release the following Tuesday), which is Arx Fatalis, the game that eventually spawned the fun-but-flawed Dark Messiah.  It’s also available on Steam for the same price, but who cares – this is a GOG.com release!

They also announce that Port Royale has been added to the ‘coming soon’ section and hint at more December treats in store.

Baby press release after the cut…

The GOG.com frenzy begins. Todays unexpected release of Arx Fatalis is just one of many surprises which will be revealed throughout this month. Stay tuned for more announcements!

Today we present to you Arx Fatalis, a classic dungeon crawler with unique features, most notably a spellcasting system in which you “draw” magic runes in the air instead of just clicking a skill. The game offers an interesting storyline and allows the players multiple ways of achieving their goals. But if you thought that was all for today, think again, as we’re adding Port Royale 2, an open-ended business strategy game, to the coming soon section. No holds are barred in the Carribean, so whether you want to be a merchant, a buccaneer, or both, is your choice.

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