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Merry Christmas to you all

Merry Christmas to all readers of Computers N Stuff.

I’d like to personally thank you all for coming here and checking us out all year, and making this our most successful year in terms of hits.

I’d also like to personally thank Andrew for his much much appreciated help in the past couple of months, as without it, i’d have had to shut the site down.

I’d also like to thank all the PR peeps who’ve helped me along, by sending code or just answering my questions.

I Hope you all have a great Christmas, and a brilliant New Year. We’ll be back properly in the New Year, but i may not be for a while – due to the birth of my First Child….and i’ll be sure to let everyone know when it happens!

Thanks for all the support,
Barry Hodgson, Owner Computers N Stuff.

Oh, so THATS why you haven't posted those reviews... Pfft, call yourself a gamer ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Barry Hodgson
  • December 22, 2008

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