Raptor Copter for iPhone Released

It's wearing a pith helmet!Flashbang Studios have released the semi-sequel to the acclaimed Off-Road Velociraptor Safari for the iPhone via the Apple Store for an introductory price of $0.99/£0.59.

Once again using the versatile Unity player, the goal is to collect raptors using your personal Chinook and deposit their corpses into teleporters for future consumption.  Stats are tracked via Blurst like all their other games.

Click here to buy it right now from the iTunes store or hit the jump for the original post by Flashbang.

From the makers of the hit web-browser game “Off-Road Velociraptor Safari” comes the next installment of the series, Raptor Copter, for your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Snag wild velociraptors with your helicopter’s ball and chain device and deposit them into nearby factories for processing!

Using Raptor Copter’s awesome physics engine, you can drop, swing, throw, catch and drag your items across the landscape.  And the in-game achievements system will reward you for that extra tricky stuff you’ll eventually pull off once you’re an experienced and competent copter pilot!  Not only can you view the high scores of other copter pilots, but if you happen to have a login account, you can use it in Raptor Copter to double-check your achievements on Blurst by loggin in there!

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