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She sells Sea Shells – BioShock 2 Viral
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She sells Sea Shells – BioShock 2 Viral

by Andrew BryantMarch 5, 2009

I'm sure that corkscrew constitutes a health risk...BioShock 2 has been an enigma since its big reveal as a reward for finishing the PS3 version (you know, that version that never existed despite evidence to the contrary).

Now, ahead of its release later in the year, the marketing juggernaut has stirred from the proverbial depths (probably from the barnacle-encrusted house it shares with that incredibly capable deep-sea whale from the intro) and regurgitated a viral site for us to monitor with baited breath, eagerly anticipating select morsels of information.

Find ‘There’s Something in the Sea’ at, funnily enough, http://www.somethinginthesea.com/.

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