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Ubisoft fights the Recession: AC2 staff 450 strong!
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Ubisoft fights the Recession: AC2 staff 450 strong!

by Andrew BryantMay 19, 2009

ac2bladeUbisoft are clearly not short of a buck or two, what with them multiplying the not-inconsiderate original Assassin’s Creed team by a factor of 3 – that’s 450 people!

Maybe they’re taking Rocksteady Studio’s concept a step further and assigning  guys to work on not just Ezio’s cape but his hood, demeanour and fancy trousers too? Or maybe they’re just assuming that throwing obscene amounts of manpower at the game will solve the problems the first game suffered from (mainly repetition & hackneyed plot)!

Still, I’m happy, since I felt Assassin’s Creed was a brilliant game – not perfect mind you (a solid 8/10) but certainly not the bilge some people wrote it off as.  Just make sure that Alt-F4 isn’t my only recourse for exiting the damn game please!

Roll on assassinating people in Venice!

Source – NowGamer

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