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PSP Go revealed on Qore

Truely HandheldSony’s gramatically dubious Qore program sure gets into the headlines regularly enough to justify its existence…

This time we have a pre-E3 reveal of Sony’s latest hand-held, the PSP Go.

The device seems targeted at the casual market, chasing DSi sales in the process, with mobility & downloadable content as the main focus, although games will still be available from Sony’s websites.

There’s no touch-screen, but the device is now a two-tier effort, hiding the controls using a mobile phone-esque sliding mechanism, allowing the device to form a neat hand-held video/music player or a full games console as required.

The UMD format has *finally* been abandoned (presumably Sony’s success in the HD War meaning they don’t really need it to keep the format torch alight), replaced by a hefty 16GB of onboard flash memory which can be seemlessly expanded through the devices Memory Stick port.  There’s no word on whether the current UMD libraries (both games & movies) will be made available over the PSN service, given how Sony are planning to run both the PSP Go & PSP-3000 simultaneously.

Connectivity has been expanded too include Bluetooth, which bolsters the WiFi connection with both the ability to connect to headsets and mobile phone pairing.  Whether the latter supports mobile data calls/internet access is unknown, but if available, it’s anybodies guess whether it will be limited to Sony Ericsson handsets for compatibility reasons (or as the cynical man would say, yes, Sony’s love of format control).

More as we hear it at E3.

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