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ZOMG TGP RTM: Many acronym’s abused as ZCS’s latest opus released
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ZOMG TGP RTM: Many acronym’s abused as ZCS’s latest opus released

by Andrew BryantJune 23, 2009

Time Gentlemen, Please

After a frankly ludicrous development cycle for what started as an expansion pack, Zombie Cow Studios (comprised as they are of Dan Marshall, Ben Ward and the token silent partner of dubious political, ethnic and/or extra-terrestrial origin) have released their second adventure game, Time Gentlemen, Please.

Sequel to the donationware Ben There, Dan That (What?  You haven’t played it?  Well, what are you waiting for you damn fool), the New Adventures of Ben & Dan sets out to test the limits of AGS’s error parser by implementing (just in case the title didn’t give it away) time travel.

Yes, as if the botched Terminator franchise wasn’t a good enough turn off for any aspiring fiction writer even considering implementing pre-destination paradoxes into their scripts, ZCS have persevered and given us £2.99’s worth of indie-venture™, which can be purchased now from the official site.  Not sure about it?  Try the demo here.

But wait, were you one of the few who actually understood the concept of donationware, seeking to reward Dan Marshall for his programming prowess (and fuel Ben Ward’s crack habit) by giving Zombie Cow money for BTDT?  Well, keep your wallet firmly closed, since you should have a free complementary copy in your electronic mailbox.  Gotta love PR.

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